It's a race!

I never reported this, but I broke my motherboard on my very expensive gaming computer a few weeks ago. This is how I described the mishap on a forum I visit:

my F#%$@#!ing motherboard broke... it was my fault though. stupid crazy ass place for a 5 gallon bucket of paint... i'm kidding, i tried to put in a pci card but there wasn't room, and i snapped one of those little chip things that sit on the motherboard and make them work...

Woops. So, eventually, after like a month, I decided to finally replace it because I want to play video games like I do sometimes. So, I ordered the motherboard. Here is that forum entry:

I miss playing games sometimes, but I want to play F.E.A.R. more than anything. The demo is out. So I ordered that b@#$%@ today. Plus, I have a 250GB secondary hard drive on there, with no room in my other computers for it, and I need the space. I hope I got a good one, it'll definitely be better than the last one though... it got a score of "5 out of 5 eggs" on plus it has a very similar layout to the other motherboard, which is HUGE. the last thing I want to do is empty out my liquid cooling and recut tubes to make that s@#$% fit.

It's thundering and lightening here pretty bad, I'm scared so I'm gonna go under my desk. (19th floor is a lot closer to that stuff than the 1st floor).

hopefully, by friday, you'll hear me mumbling sweet nothings to you on teamspeak after I put a bullet through your mother F@#%@#$ing dome.

A few liner notes. Teamspeak is a program used for talking to other people over the internet for free and in real time. There are a few people that I talk to, but I haven't been on in a while, because it's normally used for trashtalking in games and coordinating strategies in a first person tactical team based shooter. FEAR is going to be a cool game. And a motherboard is a very necessary, very fragile computer part. I ALWAYS censor myself, on any webpage I go to. Anyone who knows those words can tell right off the bat, but what if little kids visit? I can't make them not read it, so I figure I'll just make it safe for everyone, for the most part. These posts are "as is".

The other part of this story is my converting every other computer I have to Linux. When Windows Vista (formerly Longhorn) is released, I won't and can't go buy a copy for each computer I have. If they're lucky, I might buy one for the gaming PC. Here is the post about me ordering Linux. So that's also on the way.

It's a race (as the title indicates). Linux and the coffee mug are somewhere between San Pablo, CA, and Drexel Hill. They left San Pablo on August 6th at 5:01 AM. It's anyone's guess where it is now. The motherboard was ordered yesterday, and left Los Angeles, CA at 9:16 AM today. However, Linux and the mug were shipped through UPS, and the motherboard was shipped through FedEx Saver and is estimated to arrive on Thursday, August 11th. Obviously the UPS package has a bit of a head start.

Place your bets!

To Be a Philadelphia Sports Fan


1) know the sport inside and out.
2) love the sport.
3) know the players and their numbers.
4) end up hating the team for at least a few minutes every game.
5) always boo your favorite player at least twice in a game.
6) always question management.
7) always question referees.
8) never root for your team, you demand of them.
9) hate every other team and their fans with a passion.
10) know how to handle a disappointing season.

Add on! Try not to be too sport specific, like "Every game you curse Ed Wade." I'm talking the all encompassing list. Some of mine might suck, so suggest changes too.

Sometimes I watch movies

I saw a few movies in the last couple of days.

Coach Carter: Good, but during the whole movie, you only see someone miss a shot ONCE. At least during game time. I guess you can't really show them missing, there's no point in showing it, but that's my only qualm with the movie. Other than that it's really good.

Constantine: OK. Not the worst Keanu Reeves movie I've ever seen. I like Rachel Weisz, but not as an actress. She's right up there with my Jennifer Connelly obsession.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events: Different. I like it though. Jim Carrey is good, you see many characters played by him.

Alexander: Whatever you do, avoid seeing this movie at all costs! This morning I laughed, Beaner slept over last night, and he was watching it as I was heading out for work, and I said to myself "Boy, is he in for some disappointment. That sucks." Jeff and I turned it off before it ended. I don't know how many chapters are on the DVD, but we didn't wait til it was done with 32, which is pretty close to the end, but we couldn't take it anymore. It kept jumping back and forth, showing "uncomfortable" scenes, using long words and obsolete language, and pretty much wasn't filled with action at all. There were two war scenes, and I was thinking it's a movie about Alexander the Great, who pretty much conquered the known world. But, there was a lot more to it than that. The war scenes were pretty cool. It would be a good movie if it was told in a different way, and got rid of some scenes.

Hostage: Pretty good. Suspenseful, but really F@#%!@#ing bloody! You see exit wounds, dudes getting engulfed in fire, a kid dying and being soaked in his own blood, a psychotic or two, corporate crime, etc. Good but you question the need to show a 7 or 8 year old boy's face as he takes his last breath. There's no need. The kid in "Pay It Forward" died, and you got the point, but they didn't show it.

Team America World Police: There was always a little chuckle in every scene, just because of the way all of the little puppets walked and everything. But there were some laugh out loud scenes too. The sex scene and the talk about "Dicks, A^%@holes and P@#$@#ies". I will not be reproducing it on my website though :-P I don't know if I will be watching it again, though. I don't feel compelled. However, I am not upset that I watched it, especially since we watched it right after Alexander. It was much needed comic relief.

I have to buy me some more good movies. Contact and Rounders are still great, and are always scheduled for a 11:30 PM showing in my room, but I need more.

Jim's Jet

Jim sent me this picture from Kadena AFB in Okinawa, Japan.

Jim's Jet

Click on the image, it's gigantic. But look really close at the closer jet. You can see his name on it! That's bad ASS.

Now I feel left out. Out of the two of us, I am the only person without their name on a kickass fighter jet that can take on whole armies and break the sound barrier in no time, and also accelerate in a vertical climb. On top of that, I'm the single one. But, I'll bet Jim doesn't work in a skyscraper in Center City Philadelphia... Woohoo. I got one on him there. :)

New Song

This one is not the one that was left out of the previous upload. I'm going to save that one and make it a "previously unreleased" song in a few years when I sell my first album. The new one is called "Put Your Feet Up". That's exactly how I recorded it. It rivals those showoff moments like Stevie Ray Vaughan's playing behind his back or Jimi's playing with his teeth. It's all about showing off. I was leaning back in my chair too, which has arms, so it makes it difficult to solo down the neck... so excuse any mistakes :) And listen to it how it's supposed to be listened to, drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, and just relaxing. It is a relaxing song, but the chords I used were neat. They can be solo'd over in blues scales or in Jazz scales, so that's what I did. It reminds me of SRV's song, "Lenny", which he wrote for his wife. That song rules.

I just added another song. "Winding Down". Download that one too because it rules. You can put your feet up to it too.

Pilsner Glasses are a Modern Technological Marvel

I was at Mara and Billy's place last night. We played A$$hole. But instead of the normal drinking mechanisms, which are those beautiful red plastic cups or straight from the artistic glob of green glass that is the Yuengling bottle, we used Pilsner glasses. Beer doesn't stand a chance in these things.

It's like they were perfectly crafted through years of testing. The world's top minds got together, got bombed every night, and the next morning reworked their current designs and got ripped again that night. There is no better way to spend tax dollars. Cheers to those guys for their hard work.

Two more songs

Actually three, but I haven't uploaded the other one yet, I'm still listening to it. The new ones are "August" and "Out of my Butt". Click on August 4th on the calendar. Out of my Butt is great.

CDs Incompatible with iPods


Stupid ass music companies and MICROSOFT. Yes, Microsoft had something to do with this, believe it or not. These are copy protected CDs that allow you to copy the songs to your hard drive, but guess what... only in Windows Media format. And as you may know, Microsoft is to music as Microsoft is to secure operating systems. They can't be good at one thing, they have to take over the whole world and suck at everything. Ok, but enough about Microsoft.

One guy says : "Apple's the leader in digital music. It doesn't make sense to release too many copy-protected CDs if they're incompatible with iPods. But Apple could also be at risk if these CDs keep selling well."

Apple will never be at risk. There are 30 million iPods out there. They have 67% of the market share, and they support all non-proprietary music formats (mp3, essentially) and their own. They would never support Windows Media because MS would never let them. And not a lot of people are going to give up their iPods for a stupid portable CD player. I had one, they are so not convenient at all compared to an iPod.

But then a record exec at Sony BMG tells how to work around it!

"Sony BMG, a joint venture between Japan's Sony Corp. and Germany's Bertelsmann, said users can get the music onto iPods by transferring files to a PC, burning them to a CD, ripping those and transferring them into iTunes."

That's the same way to get iTunes bought music stripped of the DRM. Or to download a certain program that I know of thanks to Zatko. It'll only take a few months or shorter before someone hacks this format and there's a program out there to rip these cds directly into Apple Lossless format :)

Flyers Trade Roenick

Roenick's the man. But we got Peter Forsberg (again). I wish Roenick the greatest success in the future, to a degree. I just don't want his team to beat our team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. He's a class act and he's hilarious. And a good all around guy. You can read up more on the Flyers here, here, there's a piece here, here, here, a web search here and any other website in Philadelphia. It's big news.

Finally, I installed Linux

Only on my laptop though. I don't much like the distro that I installed, for 2 reasons. It's Mandrake Linux 9.1. First reason, they made it too much like Windows. Second reason, here's the website. I don't think it's supported anymore! Woops. It was the only copy of it I had that was already burnt to CDs. I have Shrike (Red Hat 9.0) but in ISO form on one of my computers. However, I don't want to get into that for its big company and proprietary additions to Linux. RPMs are a Red Hat addition, which are mainly used for installing applications. When I use Linux, I don't double click applications. I use this server, and everything involves running gzip -d on it first, then tar -cvf, since they're just binaries with no install. You set them up manually, drop the script into /etc/init.d/ (which on my current installation happens to just be a symbolic link, like a windows shortcut) and you're done. It's beautiful. However, since I can't use Mandrake, I'm going to install Gentoo Linux. Their website is still up, they are still developing and supporting the latest kernels, and have added some neat things using standard linux techniques (unlike Red Hat's RPM). You can still use Red Hat without ever once using an RPM, so, really, I'm just not using it because I want to try something different :) Red Hat's still darn good.

Here's the funny thing. I actually bought Gentoo Linux. Well, I paid to have CDs with the software delivered to my house. To do this with Windows, you're looking at $179 (cheapest that I ever got it on ebay) PER COPY (per computer!). The beautiful thing with Linux (if you know how to use it), you buy a CD for ranging prices (I've seen $1.50 plus S/H), and you can install it on a bazillion computers. I paid $9.99 for the install CDs and $9.99 for the packages CDs. Plus I bought a mug :) I always contribute to Open Source software that I like. I paid $20 for a free FTP client, FileZilla. It's nice though, but sadly, I won't be using it anymore, as it's only available on Windows.

I've had Linux running as a desktop before, but ever since I got this server, I've been learning more and more about it, so I now will feel more comfortable using it all the time, and I'll probably learn more on the desktop, and I'll be able to do cooler things on the server. That's a cool prospect.

Anyway, geek me up in the comments again.

DH, Buses and Anything Else I Think Of

I live in the only town called "Drexel Hill" on the entire planet. I can't say the same about where I work... Philadelphia.

I like taking the bus in the morning. I used to take the bus to school between 1st and 3rd grades. We moved to within a block of the school during my 3rd grade. However, some things have changed, some good, some bad. For instance, we used to bounce up and down on our seats so that when we hit a bump, you would bounce much higher, which would prompt laughter from all over the bus. Our bus driver back then was a giant a-hole. We pissed him off pretty good. When you would miss the school bus, that's it... you had to walk. Jeff and I missed a few times and would trek the multiple side roads and one main road into school. The school bus was free for me. Now, you see different people every time. Some people you see a few times a week. Now, I would have the option of taking my car, but I find it a lot more enjoyable letting someone else drive, plus parking anywhere besides in my driveway sucks. Now, it's anyone's guess if there will be people at the next bus stop. Now, you almost never see kids on the bus. And now, my destination is a lot cooler.

That paragraph is stupid.

Work is cool because sometimes we'll talk about stuff at my manager's desk. Work related stuff. But, I get in by 9 and all the sudden it's 11:30 and I haven't done any programming, research, analysis, design, or whatever I'm doing that day.

I saw someone get punched yesterday. This man and woman were arguing at the bottom of the escalator, and she threw a pretty decent jab and caught him under the chin. He was calm and didn't have a fit, so that was good. It could have taken a much worse turn if he had really been an angry type of guy. I didn't want to have to whoop some ass.

Man, this post really sucks.

This just in...

Top Sports Cities (Article Registration required. The origin is The Sporting News)
1. Boston
2. Philadelphia
3. Detroit
4. Miami
5. Los Angeles/Anaheim
6. Houston
7. Baltimore/Washington
8. Dallas/Fort Worth
9. Atlanta
10. New York/New Jersey

Individual Sports
Baseball: St. Louis
NBA: San Antonio, Texas
NFL: Green Bay, Wis.
NHL: Philadelphia
College basketball: Philadelphia
College football: Iowa City, Iowa.
NASCAR: Bristol, Tenn.

NFL : Green BAY?!!?1?11 We have so many more people than them, the best and most raudy fans in the F@#%!#! world, and we get to the NFC Championship game EVERY YEAR. That's bull. I don't even know that we win Hockey, but we'll take it :) I like all Philly sports, but it's a football town. I can't wait to see the Flyers, next year's Sixers, 10 years from now's Phillies, and who doesn't freakin love the Eagles. Green Bay sucks and I hope they lose every game this year. Oh, and I know someone who will be terribly offended that Philly also wins college basketball. Anyone who lives in a little city called "Lexington" in that small southern state known as "Kentucky". Those guys are nuts.


I can't put into words what my friend Todd's website means to me. See, Todd and I are like twins, mentally. I'd say we look alike too, but I'm much better looking ;-) But, he has been traveling down a path that I only started on, or maybe I'm not on it yet, perhaps I'm in the woods staring at a rock, procrastinating, waiting for the rock to move so I can get to the path. But I'm near it :) Todd's posts are filled with spiritual thoughts, life struggles, inspiration and hope.

Todd's website has a "comments" section, but I never have anything to add to his posts because they pretty much say it all. Browse around a bit. Or read these prime cuts:

Eternal-Global Perspective and the Need for Significance
That What is Mortal May Be Swallowed Up by Life
Pretty much every post in this topic
Can't Sleep

It would be unjust for me to not make a post about his site, I've read it 4 times. So it's more like it's about time. Thanks Todd, enjoy the 2 new visitors :)

New Backend

With some luck, this web page will be running on a new backend in a week or two. While I do find it easier now that I don't have to write ANY SQL to update, insert, delete, or get objects from the database, or create the tables for those objects, I am incredibly lazy, and don't want to have to build many of the web pages that I build when adding a new object type. It's a pain and a waste of time since they all do the same stuff, just with different types of data. Being a programmer in every sense of the word (the good programmers tend to be very good due to incredible laziness, their laziness drives them to think creatively. If I can do a task once that will eliminate a repetitive task later, you could bet the house that I'm going to do it), I decided that the current website is just not easy enough to extend or even maintain. I'll be testing this new software out on my new site,, which was named because of my love of stringed instruments and classical music sometimes (coincidentally, was going for over $1500). It will be my software showcase.

It's one of the more sporadic news entries, I just need to get to work on this stuff because it's a challenge, therefore FUN :) Geek me up in the comments.

Definition of Greed

Greed n.
An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.

I recently tore this definition a new A-hole. Put me in front of a dictionary full of cool words, and I'll have a field day. This one is particularly interesting because I basically proved it to mean the opposite of what everyone thinks it means.

The whole definition would have been dandy up to this point
An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs

But then it goes and adds
or deserves

I read that and thought, how can I tell you what I deserve? I can't, and I definitely can't tell you what YOU deserve. This makes the whole definition completely objective. Take, for instance, a CEO of one of the richest companies, who just wants the company to keep getting richer and richer, so their paycheck keeps getting bigger and bigger. I think that this person greedy. However, the whole deserves clause in the definition above makes this impossible to consider.

I can say, without anybody getting too upset, that everything that I have right now, I deserved. The $184.23 worth of my life savings, the guitars, computers, the car, clothes, everything I have. I deserve it since I worked for it and was able to afford it. Now, let me make this statement 10 years down the road. I deserve the $207.87 worth of life savings, the few extra guitars, more computers, same car, more clothes, everything I have. I deserve it since I had the means to acquire it. Fair enough?

Now, what about someone who can't afford these things. My buddy Doug used, as an example, a teenager who got knocked up and is working as a waitress for $3.50 / hr plus tips. Is it WRONG for them to want to be able to afford college? If they can't, do they DESERVE it?!

What I deserve in my life I will eventually acquire. Does the opposite hold, where if I don't acquire something, then it means I didn't deserve it? Surely, our waitress deserves the opportunity to give herself a better life. Our "greedy" CEO, who is in fact rich beyond any of our mental capacities, deserves everything he or she gained, through his or her hard work, education, and all that other good stuff.

To desire beyond that of which we deserve. By that definition, our waitress is the greedy one. If she cannot afford it, she won't acquire it. Since, what I am able to acquire, I can say I deserved, this waitress won't be able to acquire college education (our example), so we can argue that she didn't deserve it. Yet, she desires it. This is a perfect fit with the above definition of greed.

This is overly cruel, you might say. I'm just being philosophical :) Now, you ask the dictionary people if that's a fair definition of the word "greed".

CQ, This is W9GFO, Come Back

I will bet you I've seen the movie "Contact" more times than you. I have an unhealthy addiction. I pop that sucker in whenever I'm about to go to bed because it's slow moving. Usually, by the time Ellie is drinking a beer with Palmer Joss, I'd be sound asleep. This is no longer the case. I stay up, get all into it and s@#%, saying stuff like "OH MAN, How are they going to contact aliens NOW?!?!" or "That Drumlin guy is such a dick!" or my favorite "Man, Haddon is one rich motherf#@@#%@er." And I always laugh at Haddon's quote "First rule of government spending: Why build one, when you can have two at twice the price?" I am not sick of it yet.

However, on rare nights where I do want to watch something else, there are only two movies in the whole world that might take the place of Contact. Rounders and Shawshank Redemption. Rounders for its obvious "poker" theme. If it's not obvious that it's about poker, you have to watch it again. Shawshank Redemption for its slow moving-ness, to put me to sleep like a drunken old man. They are both great movies.