Command Line Commie

Not sure if that's a phrase or not already in existence. But I will take full credit for it.

I'm a Command Line Commie. I prefer command line and GUI tools are a waste of my time. Tell that to me of an hour ago which just upgraded the editor on his website to CKEditor :)

Update to CKEDITOR

Recently I've updated my admin section of the site to use the CKEditor. It is pretty nice. Previously I was using NicEdit. It inserted DIV when I pressed enter. This one inserts paragraph tags, so I was manually editing a lot of HTML source. That's one major benefit. Plus there's a built in HTML source viewer/editor.

It should be easy to make clean content now.

This is a h2.

We'll see how it goes.  The other major benefit, and this is just a F$^#$ YEAH to the internet in general, is that the CKEDITOR source is hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN), meaning I don't have to junk up my solution and git repository with CKEDITOR scripts and resources. F@#% YEAH INTERNET.


A recent chat:

Coworker: just heard chatter about how people just found out that you can get maple syrup from saplings and it might yield up to 8 times as much maple syrup, so the price might be coming down.

Me: saplings?

Me: (A minute later) ahh, baby tree

Coworker: i'm trying to think of alternate interpretations of what sapling could mean, becuase i'm sure the visual image of getting maple syrup from it would be amsuing, I'm sure.

Me: i was thinking that it could be some kind of animal, like a squirrel, and you squeeze it and out pours maple syrup

We had a side chat going on about how this is significant, and why it would matter to him in a personal finance sense, like he buys so much maple syrup that it would be significant :)