Lunch Work Poem by Jason Connell

"I have my cell phone and a full tank of gas.
I can meet you for lunch or whatever works best.
If it all goes as planned, we'll have a f@%#@ing blast.
Then go back to work and fall asleep at our desk."

The first two lines were in an actual email from me to Laura and Audrea at HCMI. I noticed they were very poetic, so I added to it :) It's like the best poem ever.

Fired up the trusty ol' Linux Laptop

Working on something exciting. Everything I wrote in Java, I'm going to convert it to Javascript! That's right. They will communicate to each other through XML/HTTP calls. It will be done in a few steps.

1) Get them talking.
---This involves having objects in JS that correspond to all my objects in Java. Also, a communication protocol, through XML, including updates, deletes, gets, and custom methods.
2) Automate it.
---This involves wrapping each thing in JS functions, like "update(myObj, callback);" which will generate all the XML and make the call, calling the callback function when it returns. Callback will have to have a few parameters, like error message, if it succeeded, etc.
3) Develop custom controls in JS / HTML (Dynamic HTML) for common types (labels, files, to be determined).

4) ???

5) Profit!!

All in all, it shouldn't be too difficult. The Java part was hard. I've been hacking javascript for about a year straight now. I have to say it's my favorite.

There are a few problems with this method that will hopefully be addressed...

1) Security: People who know my XML scheme and the place that accepts it could just write something that posts to the method with the right format of XML and do disastrous things. I have an idea for this, and it will be done before any site that uses this goes up.

2) Search engines won't see it: With everything being dynamic, there's no content on the page when a search engine browses to the site. There's some placeholder html where everything will go, but no content. Unless I have the atom feeds or some meta data in the html.

3) State saving: I will need a system for generating query string parameters based on the values on the page, and also, when someone goes to that page with those values in the query string, it'll load the page how they remember it. This might be tough, or it could be easy.

I think that's about it. Wish me luck, it should be done before Web 3.0 comes out :D

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me

Today I conducted my first two phone interviews. You know the ones where you're calling them and they're trying to impress you so THEY can get a job? Yeah. Talk about a power trip. Of course, they have to respect you, or you're like "Hey, f@#%@ you buddy!" It's just funny. Later, I thought, "Man, they'd act different if they knew I stay in my PJs until 5pm on Saturdays, or if they knew I sit at home during the spring, on the couch, and watch the Phillies every day. Or if they knew my room was a mess."

Ridiculous Colbert Quote

I decided yesterday, at 11:30PM, instead of finishing up watching a show on the Science Channel called "The Sun", to turn on the Colbert Report. It was a decent show, but during one of the commercials, it was him touting his upcoming show, on Thursday, when he will have Bill O'Reilly on. Bean and I were watching, and he said:

"This is it, after this it's all downhill, unless Jesus takes me up on my offer to host the Apocalypse"

HAHAHA! We were rolling.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Marathon

Hanging out until football starts, watching Curb Your Enthusiasm since 11:45am today. Great show. I bought my brother the first five seasons for Christmas, *expecting* him to bring it over to watch :) Man I'm smart. He's said it's the greatest gift ever. It is absolutely hilarious. I watch it and almost immediately realize why he doesn't play himself on Seinfeld, and instead Jason Alexander plays him... him and Seinfeld sound exactly the same at times. If you close your eyes, you almost think it's Seinfeld. It's brilliant though. Today we're watching Season 5. I've only seen 2 seasons out of the five. I plan on doing the same thing tomorrow.

Parents try Wii, have a blast

They also did the "Power Throws" Bowling mini-game (training). It was a heated competition that rivals what I expect of the Eagles - Giants on Sunday.

Thoughts on Side Work

I have no problem with side work, meaning, the extra money. Today I was chatting with a friend, and this is what I told him :)

[17:35] jasontconnell: i'm working tonight... i hate saying i'll do work at home because then i'm stuck working at home :)

[17:36] jasontconnell: wish you could say you'll work, not work, but also get work done, and then get paid for it

[17:36] jasontconnell: but the whole getting work done without working part is pretty tricky...

Yes, that part I haven't quite figured out. Another thing is that I like working on stuff, but when it starts cutting into my Wii time, it just gets offensive.