Task Notification with Google Talk via XMPP

I wrote a post for work about using XMPP to send task notifications through Google Talk.

Compose Debugging

I have a method of debugging that has worked since college. I call it "compose debugging". As I'm writing an email to ask a question, either to the professor who is teaching the course, or since then, the author of a library I'm trying to incorporate into my project (or whose code my project relies solely upon), I find my answer. Sometimes I'll have already sent the email, so I have to send a short "nevermind" email. Basically, that's the content and the subject. "Figured it out..."

Sometimes I pretend that I sent the "nevermind" email without sending the question email, and the recipient is all "WTF?"

Obviously the secret is, I get all of my ideas and problems on paper, which is a million times more organized than my head.

Computers are fun.