Advent of Code - Day 15

More Advent of Code, solving math problems :D Day 15 in 2015 involved permutations, but probably more so resembling combinations.

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Sorry, I gave Rust a try

At the time of this writing, the up and coming programming language Rust wasn't for me. But I never say never.

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.NET Concurrency Model

Go's concurrency model is way ahead of .NET's (Go is way ahead of .NET). But I have been doing a lot of Go concurrency and try to write comparable code in C#.

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Software Design and Go

Designing a folder comparer the Go way. (I am adding these blurbs in February 2021, I still love Go and will probably use it until I'm no longer writing software)

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Let me be the first to say

Puerto Grico  or Puerto Greeko.  TM :)

Japanese Context

there's a trailer for final fantasy 7 remake


it starts off with a bunch of japanese characters, and names, for example, "Kitase". So you're in a Japanese context.

then at the end it says "REMAKE" and i was like, what the fuck word is that, trying to pronounce it like a japanese word



Sense of Relief

The satisfaction and sense of relief that comes when you don't remember to look for your car registration and insurance cards before the car inspection appt, then find them both in the glove box when you're dropping your car off.

Way to go "past-Jason"


My Linux days have me typing "man [help topic]" to bring up the manual. It has carried over into Googling.

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Internet Famous

For golf I use the Golf Pad GPS app, which is great and very useful. So naturally I left a review that captured my sentiments.  Right now the review is on the home page for that app!  w00t

Which base?!

I inherit projects from other developers, and I love finding bad code and laughing at it.

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Sneaked vs. Snuck

I make up words on occasion, but this isn't one of those occasions.

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IceDozer Review

Ice dozer! It's the bomb. I've broken two and bought replacements.

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Waste of Ink

Reading through Buzzfeed... (not even going to link it)
yeah those articles are a waste of ink
and they don't even use ink


me -- shut up

bb -- did you just tell yourself to shut up?

me -- i was preemptively telling you to shut up about asking if i told myself to shut up

Technology Inventory for Fantasy Golf

A technology inventory for my Fantasy Golf application. It is no longer in production. Plus the PGA Tour site protects their leaderboards now!

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