Technology Inventory for Fantasy Golf

A technology inventory for my Fantasy Golf application. It is no longer in production. Plus the PGA Tour site protects their leaderboards now!

Linux -
Linux was a project for a young college student, Linus Torvalds, back in the early 90s. It is the kernel for an operating system, combined with tools written by GNU, it makes up the GNU/Linux Operating System. The particular flavor of Linux that I use is CentOS 6.3.

Git -
Git was another project by Linus Torvalds. It is a version control system. Basically I can go back in time if I have to, to see versions of the code, or see where a bug might have been introduced. I can access my code “repository” from anywhere, and make updates to it from anywhere.

Html Version 5 is the markup to display the content in a semantic way.

Combined with HTML, Cascading Style Sheets are what make the site look pretty

Javascript -
Javascript is a programming language that, in this instance, runs in the browser. It enables things like loading the data without having to refresh the page, and showing or hiding parts of the page. It was developed by Netscape back in the mid 90s.

Bootstrap -
Developed by Twitter, Bootstrap is a front end framework, combining css and javascript. It makes the site look nice without a whole lot of design effort from my end. Programmers don’t do design or make things pretty, but Bootstrap makes it easy for a non-designer to make a professional looking site with minimal effort.

AngularJS -
AngularJS is a Javascript framework written by Google. It doesn’t necessarily add anything that you can’t do with Javascript, it just makes it a whole lot easier to do everything.

MongoDB -
MongoDB is where the Team data is stored. It is a database system which is different from standard “RDBMS” (relational database management systems) in that there’s no schema, and you don’t write SQL to access it. You actually write Javascript in native Mongo, but I am able to access it through Go.

Go (golang) -
Go is a programming language written by Google. Go is what runs the server. When I ask for the scores from AngularJS, the code written in Go will fetch the data from, grab the data from MongoDB, and compile the data together, calculate, tabulate, sort, etc, and send the data back to the browser. Go was designed by one of the creators of Unix, Ken Thompson, hired by Google to do smart things like this. The syntax of Go is very easy to learn and it makes programming fun and new.

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