imgorg - The Image Organization Tool

I wrote a tool to organize the massive amount of photos, screenshots, and images I've amassed over the years. It works great and brought back a lot of nostalgia!

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SEO Considerations on AppEngine

In moving to AppEngine I also put in a bit of effort to make my site more SEO friendly and searchable. Hopefully it helps. I detail some of it in this post.

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This is now running on Google's AppEngine

I recently changed the backend of this website from a Rackspace cloud server to Google's AppEngine, and I really appreciate the one click deploy. It's been a long time coming, but advances in tooling made it super easy.

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Advent of Code 2020

2020 has been a bear but every December there's Advent of Code! I found day 9 to be really interesting, and came up with a decent way to solve it, I think so anyway.

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Hard G Soft G

Me:  "It's GIF not JIF"

Also me: "It's Rejex not ReGex"

Quarantine - Code-id 19

Coronavirus has been a very productive time for me! I have used it to complete some woodworking projects, and have coded up many helpful tools in Go, of course. Recent problems have revolved around databases being out of sync, configuration complexities, and trying to copy large files over the network that would fail half way through.

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Only Two Things Are Certain In Life

Death and taxes, and not accounting for everything at the beginning.

Adventures in Woodworking

I got into woodworking immediately before the pandemic and it helped keep me busy during weekends of not being able to do anything!

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New Car!

To help save the world, I got a hybrid. I really love it! Pictures included :P

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Budget App

I built an application to help figure out my budget. It used Go, Docker, Angular and MongoDB. For now. I plan on making it a site that everyone can use since it helped me see the light to the end of my bills tunnel!

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New Phone and Service

I got a Google Pixel 3XL and Google Fi. With data saver I'm not really spending more than 30 bucks a month. Downloading music instead of streaming helps me keep the data bill low.

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Marie Kondo has helped me with more than keeping my place tidy, as I've brought over her ideas to other aspects of my life.

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SCGen Update

Go's json.RawMessage helps big time in unstructured needs, which I put to heavy use in a new feature of my Sitecore Code Generator (which also does serialization and deserialization), SCGen.

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Hybrid Car Shopping

I'm in the market for a new car and not quite yet want to be in the market for a new planet.

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The Mind of a 20+ Year Developer

I've been coding a long time, and it has definitely had an impact on how I think. I also have an uncanny memory for things that I've built, and can usually describe the inner workings of something I wrong long ago, I think simply by imagining how I would do it today.

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