A prediction

I predict a huge upsurge in satellite radio sales. I don't know what makes me so sure (registration required).

"[Howard] Stern is due to move next year to Sirius Satellite Radio, which is free of FCC policing."

I don't listen to the guy, but I know at least 3 of my brothers do. Even if I had the opportunity to listen to radio, I just listened to WMMR. I can't stand Stern, honestly. But I know he's loved by millions. Everyone will have satellite radio.

This reminds me of a joke by the late, great Mitch Hedburg, talking about doing an interview on satellite radio.

"... The host told me you can curse on satellite radio. I said 'Of course you can curse, cause no one is there to hear it! You can curse in the woods too.'"

This will no longer be the case, millions will hear, and will be free of FCC policing.

Google Talk

Download Google Talk. If you don't have an account, you can email me at jasontconnell [the AT sign] gmail [the dot] com and I'll gladly hook a brotha or sista up. Apparently they are opening gmail soon though, or it is open, I can't tell. I have six accounts, I have no need nor desire to find out. :) It's a clean interface, no ads, no nothing. Just a list of contacts. Click a contact and you can type to them, or click the "call" button, and start talking through a microphone and they will hear it on their end. That's really all there is to report.

I'm glad it's simple. Everyone else tries to get everyone to use their IM client by packing it with webcam stuff, extra toolbars and everything (I'm looking at you MSN Messenger), popping up windows to a "Today" page with news, crap, junk, garbage, and email alerts. Google's philosophy (which has worked wonders for them, cripes, look at their corporate website for Pete's sake... nothing but an image, a textbox and a few buttons and some links below all that, and then some company info), is make S@#%#@$ simple. This philosophy is shared among many many companies, but only Google manages to excel at it.

Google is not a mini-OS

I ran across an article that called Google's new "Desktop Search" for Windows a "Mini Operating System". I posted a reply. When I think "Mini-OS", I certainly don't think of a program written to run on an operating system. When I think "Mini-OS", I'll tell you what I think: Embedded Linux. That's "mini" and that's an "OS".

So what does an operating system do exactly? The first and foremost job of an OS is to interface with the hardware; let you save files on disk, use your monitor, your modem, your attached peripherals like printers, digital cameras, webcams, and anything else. This includes interfacing with your network card and implementing the TCP/IP stack so you can connect to the internet. Also, it includes a "platform" for writing software, an Application Programming Interface (API). Lately, operating systems have included all types of goodies, like integrated search (Mac OS X) and widgets (Mac OS X). This is simply "value added" stuff. Since an operating system might come with these things built into them, it does not change the definition of an operating system. Even if adding "Mini" to the front of it makes your observations less serious, you still have "OS" at the end, invalidating your generalization. How about call it a "program". That's what I call it. A program that happens to search your files and have plugins for stuff like weather. I don't even use it and I know that it's not an operating system.

One comment came from Google.

--- "We're really trying to make this into a platform"
---- Nikhil Bhatla, product manager for Google Desktop.

That can be confusing. I'll have you know that Eclipse is called a platform. I don't boot my computer into the "Eclipse" OS, though. It's a Java editor. A very great one. What this person means is that they will be developing programs on top of it. Which is why Eclipse is called a platform, you can write PLUG-INS. Technology is so misunderstood.

I'm a stickler for technological phrases used in the right way. I'm sure doctors, architects, lawyers, and every other profession will get just as upset if you butcher their terminology. Like, if a man finds a person murdered in the alley, and calls the police and says "We have a grand theft auto here." I'm not the only one :)

Here's another thing about it. That site, "paidcontent.org", is apparently a pretty highly visited site, and one that is as qualified to interpret that Google quote as I am to interpret Shakespeare. They call Google Desktop a mini-OS. People who read that are going to just go ahead and agree, usually. Unless they study. And they'll make posts on their websites, and it's like that game we would play in 2nd grade. One person starts the chain by thinking of something to whisper, and it goes around til the last person, and the last person says what the message is. I don't care if it starts out as "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", it'll turn into something like "A quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog." Somehow. Let's just call into question every term that every past computer scientist has defined. I've run across at least 3 sites that refer to that post, and also call it a "Mini-OS".

This is another problem with the internet. If the facts are right, it's a beautiful filtering process, eventually making its way to everyone. But if it's wrong, it's like cancer.

The Internet Lies!

If all you ever knew about me, you read from this website, then you would be shocked. You would probably think I'm some loud-mouthed kid, talking all the time, squeezing in a joke here and there, and sometimes keeping quiet to get some programming done. This is almost completely opposite from the truth. See, I'm as quiet as the next deaf-mute. I listen a lot. But when I do want to say something, I get impatient if you talk all the time. All the sudden, some people are like 5 topics ahead before I have a chance to add my wisdom, and this makes me look stupid. Rarely have I ever seriously considered myself to be stupid. Then if I do just blurt out what I'm thinking, I'm all of the sudden rude :) That's why I have this place on the web. People can be like "Hmmm, I wonder what Jason has to say...", and hop on in and leave completely disappointed or with a chuckle, and maybe a gold nugget of wisdom. The thing that I do a lot though, which is why this site ever even came to be in the first place, is think. I'd say 99% of the day I'm thinking about stuff that is important to me. I like to think, it makes my day. And it makes it go faster :)

Israel vs. Palestine: Part II

As you may have heard, the Israeli Gaza pullout happened over the weekend. The last of the Israelis left in an armored bus with bulletproof windows and Stars of David (the Israeli flag) hanging out the windows. This is a beautiful act, giving people some land after you had rightfully claimed it through victory in war. So, some Palestinian says this : "We will not close our eyes, we will not rest until they leave all our land." Believe me, I have no hard feelings against any party involved, but this statement brings me to enough discomfort to post this entry. It is only by good deed and respect for a land's previous occupiers that a land is given back to them.

Let's rewind back to 1967. Well, before that, 1938. The good Jewish people are systematically hunted down and brought to Nazi Concentration camps from mainly Germany, Austria and Poland. 1945, after the war, the survivors flee to countries along the Mediterranean as well as their homes. 1967, a large group of people just decides to F@#%@#$ing invade Palestine, since the Bible said that area of the world was the Promised Land, their land. I remember learning about it in school. There was practically no resistence. The group, probably numbering around ten thousand, just marched through, taking city after city, until Palestine was theirs. That's bad-ASS.

Again, I stress I am not one sided in this manner, but, man, those Jewish settlers are AWESOME. So, now these other people... what're they called again.. oh yeah, the Palestinians (which is an awkward name, that would imply that they are from a land called Palestine, yet, there is no Palestine, because of some kickass Jews like The Hebrew Hammer on Comedy Central). I don't like calling "Jewish People" Jews. Yell at me if you're offended. Until they took over Palestine, they were probably called that, but now, the ones that live in Israel are called Israelis, which is definitely a lot cooler, and I can say without feeling like I'm being a giant A@#@hole.

Anyway, back to the story. Now, Palestinians suicide bomb Israel and just expect that they'll leave. As explained in the first paragraph, they took it over, forcefully, they now own it. They govern it, they have their leaders in place, etc. They aren't going anywhere, and I don't blame them. Just face it, "Palestinians", you got your asses WHOOPED back in 1967. Either make due with what the extremely nice and peace-seeking Israelis gave you, or STFU and form an army and try to take it back using real war tactics, not this stupid suicide bomb tactics. Oh, right, you know you'll get ROMPED again if you try to fight a real fight.

A brush with celebrity

Friday, sitting only 2 feet away from me, in front of me but sorta facing me, was a man known only as "Jon Jon Da Maniac". How did I know? Because he couldn't keep quiet! He was rambling on with some guys, some guys who he says is his target audience, that being African American males. He did some jokes from his show. They were pretty funny. What was really funny is that this dude said stuff on a train full of a very diverse group of people that I wouldn't even say if I were guaranTEED that there was no one around for 10 MILES. I saw him getting on the train where I get on the train, 11th and Market. I took notice because he had stuffed monkeys with him. Yes, stuffed ones where the arms velcro together, so you can hang them on stuff. After being on the train for a few minutes, all three of them found their way hanging around his neck! He had blonde hair, spiked backwards. He was wearing pants with a Mickey Mouse pattern repeated over them, and a purple tanktop. His assistant had his suit, a beautiful purple double breasted suit. I didn't catch the manufacturer, sorry.

Later, his original audience left, so I was the only one he could talk to. He was telling me about his past agents. One Alicia Keys' brother. And how he'd signed on with Drew Rosenhaus. Yes, Drew Rosenhaus. He mentioned how he backed Terrell Owens. How he performed in the Super Bowl last year, saying "If someone fights through an injury to play in a game" blah blah blah. He then told me of his plans in Philadelphia.

He wants to open two bars. One being "Jon Jon's Purple" and the other "Jon Jon's Pink". Forgive me if I get these wrong, but the purple one will be a sports bar, and the pink one will be a "Gentlemen's Club". I could tell he liked those colors just by the fact that his suit is purple and he had on a purple tanktop. Plus nice black leather sandals. The dude's got style ;) As we were getting off the train, he told me of his extra plans for "Pink". He wants to make it the only non-smoking gentlemen's club in Philadelphia. I had forgotten to mention the fact that Philadelphia is currently trying to get smoking forbidden in all public places. I scoffed at this, saying something like "Aww man!!" To which he said "I can't have smoking in my bars, I have cancer." That would give you a different perspective on life, I guess. I also added that I don't mind not smoking in a bar. I can head outside if I need one. As we headed off the train, he gave me two of his business cards.

His card has recommendations from people like Master P, the Casino Review, and Angelo Cataldi of WIP, where he was voted "#1 Maniac". Aaliyah has a quote on the front of the card. And it has his e-mail address. He told me to email him, and tell him where I met him, and he'd do something for me, like send me an autograph. I thought that was nice.

I have never heard of him until Friday. He apparently was on BET and WIP that week. I don't even think I get BET, and I don't have any opportunity to listen to the radio since I would only listen in my car, and I don't drive that much now. I have yet to convince myself, he could be a BS artist or just hitting it big. I don't want to look stupid like "There's no one called Jon Jon Da Maniac!" but, I met him. He may not be famous, Drew Rosenhaus may not be his agent, he might have never met anyone that he told me he met, and who knows if he's opening bars. You never meet people like that. He's a crazy character and I wish him the best :)


I'm going to clean my room today. It's not like there's food and wrappers and dirty plates all over the place, but there is a lot of computer stuff lying around, and soda cans. But, I look around and I'm like "F#@%#$@!!!" That's all I can mutter. But, then I just remember the definition of recursion

an expression such that each term is generated by repeating a particular mathematical operation

So, WTF in the WORLD does that have to do with cleaning my room? Simple. Well, let me break it down into a function.

int removeItem(Item[] items){
if (items.size() == 0) return 0;

return removeItem(items);

As you can see, it's all about performing the same action, over and over again, but with a twist. Recursive functions call themselves. It's a very neat way to think when you're writing a program, and once you start to "think recursively", which I have to admit took me a few months in school, then you start to always think recursively, which is why I post this entry. So let's look at the program.

public void cleanRoom(){
Item[] items = ;/// get items from "Room" database

So, calling removeItem once will clean your entire room. Of course you could just have a "for loop":

for (int i = 0; i < items.size(); i++){

This gets into asynchronous access issues, array indexing issues, and everything that I just don't want to have to deal with when cleaning my room. You would have to reverse the loop, from items.size() to 0, and it's just too much thinking for something that shouldn't take much thinking at all. Grab item, throw it in trash bag. That's it. I'm not thinking any more than that. Thinking's stupid.

Thinking this way helps me to not feel overwhelmed. It's just one action, repeated over and over again, until the room is clean. And, the room will be clean when I cannot repeat the action any further, when there are no more items. Or when I'm passed out on my bed under a pile of computer game and parts boxes, and shoeboxes, coincidentally. That helps me as well as putting on my favorite tunes from Jimi Hendrix and Cracker. This is going to rule.

Hopefully you've learned a bit about recursion and computer programming, and how someone can think about this stuff all the time, except when they're trashed. Get it, trashed?! I kill me.

Inspired by Previous Post

Man, that would be awesome to dress up as a website for Halloween. Or software in general. "What are you?!" "I'm Mac OS X" or "I'm www.jasontconnell.com, jeez, isn't it obvious?" I think that's where this whole internet thing is going. It was a pretty good idea, but in the future it will just inspire a clothing line from some unheard of clothing company, and they'll become bazillionaires and take the internet offline, so even more people will buy their clothes to remember what they used to waste so much time doing. "Hey, that perfume is great, what is it?" "RosePedals.com!" or "They're a cool pair of jasontconnell.coms! I'll bet they're comfy on your feet!" "Yeah, and I can jump so much higher now!"

You get the idea. It's brilliant.

It's only a matter of time

It only took a year or so for a movie about e-mail. I was in college in 1997 when I first really started using e-mail. You've Got Mail came out in 1998. I don't know when this "web log" phenomenon started up, really. The original jasontconnell.com was up in Mid 2001. They're now huge, so we should be seeing previews for a movie about them shortly. I can't imagine what to call it. Perhaps "Publish to the World" or "You Got Published!" or "Media of the Masses" or "For the People, By the People" ... I don't know. Post your ideas. Whatever it's called, it's gonna be awesome, and I should be listed in the credits. I think Johnny Depp will be the leading role, with Jennifer Connelly playing the supporting one. That would make a good flick. I anticipate it like a guy dressed in a Darth Vader outfit at midnight 2 days before the opening of the latest Star Wars. I'd be out there with my laptop and dressed up as my website. Don't think I don't have the costume already... it's in my closet.

Israel and More Video Games

Here's a 2 for 1. These have nothing to do with each other, I am sick, so I don't feel like making new entries for each thing I have to say.

I feel for those Israelis in the Gaza strip who don't want to leave. I really do. The government just came up and said "Get the F%@#! out, BI%#@!ES!!!" Like those people who bought a house where a highway will be built many years later. Except, this is way different. If your house is needed because of a highway, you can probably find another house in the same town to buy. It would be like our government taking New Jersey, and telling those people to get out, and giving it to us Pennsylvanians. Alright, that's probably a somewhat invalid analogy, since, who would want New Jersey?! Just kidding. Point is, that sucks, and I feel for those poor Israelis.

Now to the fun part!! w00t! I bought 2 MORE video games the other day. They are both awesome. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War is the first one I'll talk about. It adds some great gameplay elements to the traditional real time strategy (RTS) game. There are strategic locations that you have to control to gain resources. These are just points on the map, usually in a strategic location. You control them by having guys there to defend it, if it's your furthest point from your base that you control, or you leave it and go get another one. These give you resources to buy things like more units, buildings, vehicles, upgrades, etc. The other cool thing about it is the squads. You build a unit, which is in fact a squad, like a "Space Marine Squad" and it pumps out with 4 space marines. Then, you can reinforce the squad with more guys. You can also add a Sergeant and a hero (if you have heros left) to it. Next, you can upgrade up to 4 members of the squad's weapons. You can give them a flame thrower, heavy bolter gun, plasma rifle, or a rocket launcher. I can beat the computer with 3 fully upgraded squads and a few "Dreadnought" robots. The game is awesome.

Next game. Psychonauts!! Get this game. It's awesome. Check out Tim Schafer's news posts and practically everything on the website over at DoubleFine.com. There are a very high number of great and fun aspects to this game. The level of creativity in the level design and abilities that "Rasputin" gets and the story makes the whole game wreak of outstanding quality. It wreaks so much of quality that when I'm not playing it, I have to put it in a airsealed bag and spray the room with Lysol. When I am playing it, well, let's just say that you don't want to come in the room. I actually emailed Tim Schafer a few times now, and he's always written back. I keep them because he's a "celebrity" in the gaming world. You might have played "Grim Fandango"??? I did. He thought up that one. He's a genius. He has other games out there, but I'm sorry to say I've only played two of them. So, buy this game. It's out on PS2, XBox and PC. I bought it for PS2. I actually asked Tim what his beef with Nintendo was. Here's what he wrote back for those of you who can't buy the game because you only own a GameCube:


We here at Double Fine definitely have no beef with Nintendo! We love
Nintendo. We all would have been overjoyed to see Psychonauts on the
Gamecube. But it's just not up to us. The developer doesn't make such
decisions. The people with the money do, and in this case they decided
not to."

Sick as a Dog

I have an ear infection. I really can't hear out of my right ear too well. It sucks. I changed the picture at the top of this website to reflect that in fact I don't call it a blog, and to give it a subtitle. I am enjoying the ride, which is just my way of saying that life is grand, except today with this ear infection. I took 3 different types of medicine, including an extra large helping of Advil 200mg caplets (3 to be exact). The pain was gone and I was fast alseep :) However, now that I'm awake and sitting up, my stomach is killing me. I really don't like being deaf. It's not a tumor.

Woohoo!! Friday again!!

Fridays always sneak up on me now. Before, at other jobs, it would always seem like months had passed before you would get a few days off. Now, it's like HOURS. It's wonderous.

So, to kick off the weekend, here is a list of some funny things and some trying to be funny things:

40% of the internet population would refer to this website as a "blog". I don't care what you call it, I don't call it a "blog". Here is a comment I made on this topic earlier today:

"We have to come up with a better term than that."

Amen. As if not being considered anywhere even close to cool wasn't enough, now I have to contribute to something that 40% (+) of the internet population classifies as a "blog". Wonderful.

One popped in my head: "Vulcan"... That planet!! In Star Trek! ;-) Honestly, having never watched Star Trek, I still think that's better than "blog". My girlfriend from a few years ago was the first person to use the term "blog". When she got sick after drinking a lot, that's the sound she made.

Another one popped in my head: "Iceman". This would create better situations at the bar.

Me (to girl at bar): I write an iceman.
Girl: Awesome! Like Val Kilmer?!!? Here's my number.

And there you have it.

Next. I don't think Terrell Owens will be an Eagle this year. He might play a game or two, but Andy Reid will get sick of his B.S. and trade him.

Next. I play video games. Last night I played Battlefield 2 on my newly rebuilt computer. It was neat. On one map, I climbed to a roof behind the other team's base, and picked off like 9 guys before running out of ammo, jumping off the roof, parachuting down (you always have a parachute on you), and reloading all of my ammo, only to be killed by an artillery strike. I laughed at that one though. It was like I had just reloaded all of my ammo from a supply crate that dropped from the sky, and thought "Alright, time to go kick some more ass!"... The first artillery shell is what got me. I had no idea it was coming! At one point, before refilling my ammo, I was shooting 100 yard shots with my pistol! I only got a kill or two with that thing.

Next. Linux and the mug still hasn't arrived.

Damn, I know I had more. Here, let me check the newspaper...

Hmm. First headline : "T.O.'s tirades could signal trade envy." Nope, already commented on that one. Second headline: "Owens heads to Atlanta." Nope, I've said everything I can about that one. Third... "Owens errs in telling his Super Bowl story." Nope, can't think of anything to add to that one. Man, the media has to stop writing about T.O.... honestly. Shut UP!! Hehe, get it. Like T.O. and Andy Reid said to each other?! Read the paper, you're bound to find an article or two-ZILLION about it. Cripes.

More video game news. Yesterday, I also bought "Fantastic 4" for the PS2, so Jeff and I or Bean and Jeff or Bean and I or whatever, can whoop some ass together. It's fun.

Don't trust Microsoft's benchmark tests. Here is a security comparison between Windows Server 2003 with SQL Server 2000 vs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 with MySQL. Seems like a fair test? Well, download the PDF. Nowhere does it mention that the current version of MySQL (even at the time of the test) and the version of MySQL that is used in the test differ in version number by 1 MAJOR VERSION!! How big is the difference of 1 Major Version? Well, SQL Server 2000 is actually SQL Server Version 8.0. SQL Server 2000 was actually released on January 19th, 2001. SQL Server 7 was released in late 1998 or early 1999, I'm not sure. I couldn't find it. So, that's a difference of at LEAST 2 years. Plus, Red Hat recently released Enterprise Linux 4.0, so maybe Microsoft should do another security test? This goes for most of their tests. And you can't blame them for fixing the results, but you can blame them for writing inferior software :)

Next. Thinking back on a certain state's decision to elect a certain Hollywood action star as its Governer, I began to realize the obvious good and bad in that. A good thing is no stupid Arnold S. movies have been released in a while! A bad thing, Hollywood had to find a replacement, so there are still stupid movies, but without Arnold's style of awful acting.

Next. I'm starting to hate Rounders. If you watch it too much, you'll just find Matt Damon to be another awful actor. It's funny, that movie also stars John Malkovich, one of the best actors. When I watch a movie, I want to watch it and say "That's Teddy KGB" not "That's John Malkovich". But every movie in which Matt Damon stars, he's always the same. Whatever happened to the great character actors, and why aren't they all famous, if they are still around. Another way to look at this quality in an actor is to watch a movie with an actor, and then watch another one with the same actor, and not see the previous character one bit in the new character. If they can't do that, I consider them a bad actor. No offense ;-)

Maybe I'll have more, if you're lucky.

New Motherboard Works

After the race was over, I was all upset and wanted to buy more stuff from California to fill that now cavernous void in my heart that only a man-made race across the country between two competing delivery companies can fill. But then I remembered, I have to install my new motherboard and then I can play games! While this won't fill the man-made race gap, it's a start. So I did that in a shade under a day... actually, two hours, but that thing's a pain in the MOTHERF$@#$@#%! ASS!! Oh well, it's over, and it works. And it works well.

I had been watching the development of a certain game, and it prompted me to buy the motherboard. Last week, a playable demo came out for F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon). It's insane. It's like a police game, you're going in, taking out bad guys, slowing down time so you can dodge bullets and stuff, then all the sudden you're crapping your pants. I can't say why, but it is one scary ass game. The graphics are unbelievable, and the sound, at times, sends chills careening down your spine. It's scarier than Doom III, which, before I played the FEAR demo, was the scariest game I had played. At least in Doom 3, after you get scared, you get to kill whatever made you crap yourself. Alright, I'm saying too much. I anxiously await the October 10th release date of F.E.A.R. My hair will turn white. This was a 10 minute demo and I had nightmares. Imagine what the WHOLE GAME will do!

FedEx WINS!!!

I ordered the motherboard and got it shipped FedEx, and Linux and the mug a few days earlier and it was shipped with UPS. I got the cheapest method of delivery that I was offered on the respective sellers' websites. The Linux and the mug website offered UPS ground for almost free. The motherboard offered FedEx Saver for $3. UPS had a bit of a head start, but they didn't know that they were racing. The shipping methods used are considerably different estimated delivery times, to be fair to UPS. I'm not trashing any company here, I was just having a little fun. But, they both have a little work to do to catch up with DHL. I placed an order at 8pm one night, it shipped from somewhere in the middle of Ohio, the next day I was getting out of the shower in the morning and DHL was there with my package. That was crazy.

Anyway, some more details about the shipping methods:

UPS - BASIC service from California. UPS Ground, essentially. This has an estimated time of delivery of 5 days.

This same service from FedEx claims to take 4 days. Who knows. I'll stick with FedEx Saver. It's like second day delivery without the money.

But, all this really means is that I'll be able to play games tonight and hold off another day on developing the new crap I need to do for this website. Woohoo :) Sorry, UPS, you're still the bomb. High five.

Sixers Trade Marc Jackson

Jeff told me this as I got in yesterday. There was agony and pain running through my body. Marc Jackson made the Sixers the most entertaining team in all of the NBA last year, and I am proud to say I watched nearly every game. But let's look at the overall formula of last year's Sixers.

Allen Iverson is the best player ever. I've said this before in the beginning weeks of this, the revised version of my website. The way he slips between defenders, or shakes a defender off by faking a move to the basket then just draining a fade-away jumper. He makes the most incredible drives to the basket, turns on a dime, and finishes with the most unbelievable shot you'll ever see, then does it again the next possession.

Andre Iguodala can slam with the best of them. I covered him way back when also. Towards the middle of the season, all the way to the end, the CN8 announcer (Marc Zumoff?) would get giddy like a school girl when "the other AI" got the ball and half of a court all to himself. He'd say stuff like "HERE WE GOOOOOO!!!!!!" and "WATCH THIS!!!!" That announcer is another part to the excitement of the team. He does a great job.

Kyle Korver, of "K squared = 3" fame. He would get a pass and before you knew it, it was down from 3 point land. Many games were won because of a shot from Korver in the very late stages of the game. Allen referred to him as "Sniper". Also, his defensive abilities, his hustling, like diving all over the place, sacrificing the body for the team, just a very exciting player to watch.

Samuel Dalembert was the big man. Blocking shots, hammering down slams, dribbling sometimes like a little man. He's gonna be great this year.

Then there's Marc Jackson. A solid player, not particularly great, but didn't make a lot of mistakes, had a heck of an 18 foot jumper, and a bigger heart than anyone. Jeff and I would literally laugh our asses off sometimes when watching Marc! He would get into a rebound battle under the basket, then you would hear Marc. He just screams. It helps him. He'd scream, jump a few times, then get the ball and put it back up and in. He always had a smile on his face except after he just slammed it home or put a rebound back in, then he looked like he was going to rip someone's arms off. My favorite was when he was guarding Shaq. Shaq did his normal, very illegal, using a smaller player as a launch pad routine. This time it happened to be Marc Jackson. Well, Jeff and I are watching, when all the sudden you hear, from the underbelly of Shaq, "HOLY SH%T!!!!". Like, really loud. I still laugh about it.

All of these things combined for the most exciting Sixers I've ever watched. It'll still be exciting this year, everyone listed above, with the exception of Marc, is coming back for this season, plus we have a new coach, Maurice Cheeks, and every player seems to like him more than Jim O'Brien, so that's a bonus.

So, goodbye Marc. Jeff and I will make it a point to catch some of your NJ Nets games next year.