Spam in a fortnight

I haven't emptied my spam folder in about 2 weeks.

Quote of the Year, w00t

Zatko55: actually i don't have it. i just told you i had it to make you jealous

Me: didn't work sucker

Me: every night i pretend I'm playing the Wii when I go and have my brother pitch wiffle balls to me and I have a wiffle ball bat. it's very convincing that I'm actually playing the Wii, but really I'm just playing baseball :(

All you hear like that from now on are just cheap imitations.

Embracing more future stuff

Today, I'm going to make it even more of my routine to not use Office software that needs to be installed on my computer. To kick this off, today I created an online spreadsheet at Google Docs. I find it to be very convenient for my purpose, which is updating a client on the hours that I've worked on the current project. I added them as a "viewer" of the spreadsheet, and it's golden. Only problem was that it doesn't currently support Safari, the default browser on the Mac, so I had to install Firefox. Which is fine by me, except that I have two browsers installed. Oh well.

Also, I'll be using the word processor found at that site. That can be convenient for getting my ideas into English format, which could then be shared with anyone, but more importantly, I don't have to use the excuse "Oh, that document is on my computer at home... sorry." It also happens to be a great place to keep my resume.

Only thing is "Lock-In". We all hate it. Buy a song on iTunes and you can only play it on Apple stuff and with your account (lest you strip DRM from it). Buy a PS3 game and you can only play it on PS3s. Buy a car and you can only drive it on the road and within the limits of the law. That kind of stuff. It sucks. But oh well. As long as I can export it. That would be a good idea for Apple too. To be able to "export" purchased songs into another form of DRM, if you were to switch. It goes the other way as well. Buy songs on xyz, export to Apple format. Just recently, the cell phone companies allowed you to carry over your phone number to another provider, this wouldn't be much different (not technically, of course). Freedom is great.

First part of future in home

The future is upon me. I got the wireless router last night, hooked it up, got WPA security working, and hooked my Mac up to it. It works. It supposedly transfers at 300 Mbps, which is 3x faster than 100 base T... without wires! That's crazy. I hooked my PSP up to it with no problems, downloaded the new update released yesterday in record time, and that rocked. This paves the way for the PS3 and Wii, which both have wireless. Before any of those, though, I have to get an HDTV. Not a big one though. If I can find 23" or 26", it's enough. It will replace a 16" TV.

Busy Weekend

Today I had a side job to go to. It was fun. Some of the worst written code I've ever seen. It could lead to more, if I do a good job.

Tomorrow, there is a gathering at Jim's parents' house, which of course means that Jim and Kate are back from Japan!! After three years. And Seamus is coming to America!! He hasn't been here yet! That's crazy-whack-funky. They will be going to the UK really soon though, within the month. Of course, while they're here, I will probably be drunk the whole time. I'm definitely looking forward to that.

With my extra income from the day's hard work, I ordered a wireless router, which couldn't come fast enough. I'm starting to embrace the future a little. I now have 3 things that use wireless (2 laptops and a PSP), and will eventually have no less than 5 things, when I get the PS3 and Wii. Beaner will be connecting to the router with his Mac as well, so there could be 5 things connected at any one time. Mainly, I'm getting it because I don't want to use my neighbor's with my Mac (as I've stated before), and the wire I have for my Mac is about 5 feet long, and it has to use up most of that length travelling from where my router is, around my desk, and onto my bed, where when I finally get to use it, I have to leave the Mac in one single spot, can't lean back on my chair comfortably and use it, etc, etc. It's a "wireless-N" router, meaning it's got 3 antennas and support for the future 802.11n I guess. Good times.

Post for the sake of posting

Yes, I haven't a thing to say. Black Friday came and went, and I bought nothing. Thanksgiving was at my brother Scott's house. It was a good time. I was thinking of buying a wireless access point for the house so I could use my Mac and PSP without logging on to my neighbor's wireless internet. That's not as bad as if I had no internet at all and used theirs. Partially because it costs them nothing extra, but I should really get my own, especially since I've bought songs off of iTunes and paid bills using the wireless... it's definitely not them I'm worried about snooping in on my transactions, and it wouldn't really matter anyway since the encryption on transactions between my computer and the server is strong, so snoopers will only get garbage (public key encryption...). I've been playing some games lately, like Day of Defeat : Source, which is a good time usually. Also just got back into Company of Heroes. I was playing Neverwinter Nights 2 for a while there. I'll get back into it. I never stay into any one game for too long. I have no PS3 or Wii yet. I plan on getting the PS3 first though. After Christmas. Well after Christmas. Like, March. 2008. We'll see. The Mac is my primary debt right now...

I was looking into possible new cars. My Monte Carlo SS is still good, but I just want to change it up, as always. I was looking into another American car company, this time Ford. The Fusion looks like a nice ride. I'm digging silver with black interior, no matter which car I get. That's sexy. Back when I bought the Monte Carlo, the other option I had was a Passat... silver with black interior. I like that combo a lot. I'd say my two favorite colors are, in fact, black and silver. And when I shop for clothes, or get dressed in the morning, I'd look for some combo of the two, but also with clothing, I don't mind a nice dark or navy blue. Hence my website being silver. I know a black interior will be like a stove in the summer, but as long as I look cool.

I think I'm gonna program. I need a nice brain exercise.

Latin is fun

"Si hoc legere scis, nimis eruditionis habes"

..."Or you can use Google" :)

The latin part was in someone's email signature. Look it up.

"Zune" comes out tomorrow

I think I'm going to buy a new iPod to celebrate.

I sent that to about 320 people, I was so proud.

Photo Booth Fun!!

If you don't have a MacBook (or a Pro version), you're missing out on tons of fun. Even if you don't do this after the first week. Check it out.

I'll probably stop in a few days, but I've never laughed so hard from software included with a computer before, ever. Ever. (Not even from laughing at the software, which I often do when I install Windows :P )

Also, here's another screenshot. I connect to my Mac from Linux. I have "Gimp" installed on Linux, and it's a killer photo editing app (much like Photoshop but free-er). I use iPhoto on the Mac also, which is great for batch-resizing, organizing, importing, etc. But if I need to do advanced stuff like what I haven't figured out how to do in iPhoto yet, there's always the Linux backup :)

Pictures up

Just search for label "mac" or "mbp" in the Pictures section. You should find at least 6 of them.

This post comes to you from

My Mac. w to the mother f@%@#ing 00t.

It's so beautiful.

It's in the Great State of Pennsylvania

Nov 8, 2006  8:06 AM   On FedEx vehicle for delivery    PHILADELPHIA, PA.

I'm actually sick today, not just waiting for my Mac. It's convenient, but I hate missing work. Another Saturday will be in order. w00t.

MacBook Pro update

My Mac has arrived at Anchorage, Alaska, after a long voyage from Shanghai, China. Soon, it will be in the actual USA. Yes, Alaska is more of a state than Connecticut, but it's not considered part of the "Continental" United States. So therefore, it's worthless to me. And I don't even like crab that much. Actually, I sorta consider it part of the "Continental" USA because it's on the same land mass. Not like that other place with all the surfers, and pretty soon, judging from a recent science show I watched, not that other state with a lot of surfers and the govenator. That would be funny, because Apple is located in that other state. I'm probably offending everyone, but we all know that PA is the best state, because it's the only one. The only real one ;-)

Of course, it could be argued that your "State" is "decent" if the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States both originated there. I mean, talk about monumental documents that define a state.

I forget US postal abbreviations sometimes

I got an email today that my MacBook Pro had shipped. I took a brief glance at it and got the impression that it had shipped from either "Canada" or "Connecticut", so it shouldn't be too long. Later in the day I wanted to get a better idea of when I can expect it, since I'll be either taking off of work early or getting in late. I look again without reading the name of the city that it shipped from, but I do notice that the last entry in the ship-log was one 11/06/06 at 10:25 pm. It then hit me that today was 11/06 and it was not yet 10:25 pm. It was almost noon. So I look again at where it shipped from... f@#%@ing Shanghai, CHINA. "CN" was used, and I later remembered that Connecticut, as insignificant as it is (I mean, cripes, they don't even have an Apple warehouse!! They might as well not even exist), has never gone by "CN", but "CT". I knew that, but assumption and lack of coffee/brains made me think it was shipping from this continent, so I just threw Connecticut in my brain and left it at that. But I'm positive it'll be here by the 8th or 9th. I had a slight panic attack because if it had shipped from Connecticut, I have a deadline tomorrow, and I wouldn't have been able to be home for the delivery. Anyway, I'll keep making posts about its progress around the world.

It's ashame they banned smoking

In Philadelphia bars I mean. Last night, we went to an undisclosed location somewhere in Philly, near where I work, and obviously, you couldn't smoke in there. I don't have a problem with it except for this: You never used to be able to smell a fart in a bar. Last night, someone had something wrong with their gastrointestinal tract or something, and they were at the table next to us. It STUNK. Before, I'd just light up a smoke and all would be forgotten, but there, there was nothing to hide the stench, and you just had to f@#%@ing inhale it. I asked someone we were with "Would you rather smell ASS or SMOKE?" And she answered smoke, and her being a non-smoker, that pretty much answers that question for all non-smokers to me. So, way to go Philly lawmakers. Now we have to smell ASS all day.