Flyers are out

That sucks. I'm gonna delete the "Flyers Playoffs 2006" news category because I thought it was going to go further than 6 f@#%@ing games. F#@%

Stuff Going On

I'm still looking for a house. It's fun, since Mara is my Real Estate Agent! We're like the coolest people in the world, and here we get to go together and look at houses! Billy doesn't come with us, or else it'd be like cool overload for anyone in our path.

I've recently been linked by some websites out there. One is at the Philadelphia newspaper, the Inquirer. Dan Rubin is a writer there, and has a "blog", and was "anonymously" tipped about an article here. The post that links it is here.

Also, one of my videos on here, which I uploaded to MySpace, was linked. Actually, they linked it from MySpace. But it's linked on a guitar learning site, here. So that's cool.

Megan has linked me for like months and I haven't returned the favor. I know, I'm horrible. Head on over to read a bunch of funny stuff and drop her a line.

And, I just got asked to go to Berkeley for work, but it's optional. Either this month or next. Should I go??!

Flyers Tie Series 2-2

Game 5 in Buffalo on Sunday. The Sabres just got dissected like a freaking pig fetus in Biology class. Coach Hitchcock analyzed the team down to the threads on their jerseys, and came up with a plan to make their speed less effective, and concocted a plan to make our team, and what we have available, more effective. Granted, it was only a 5-4 game, but that last goal was a fluke. Sabres again got up 2-0 in the first period, but the mastery of Forsberg got us back in it. He can win this thing by himself.

I have to say I've been a Freddie Meyer fan since he came up from the Phantoms, and he played a great game too. Pitkanen too. Desjardins had a shakey game, falling into Esche after making a breakaway save, putting the puck into the net giving Buffalo their 2-0 lead. But later scored after Forsberg literally SKATED CIRCLES around Buffalo and fed Desj at the point for a blistering slap shot.

The Umberger / Carter / Dimitrakos line finally scored in this series, which is huge. That line is awesome, but it seems the guys with the most playoff experience have been stepping up, and that's Forsberg (with 61 playoff goals in his career), Gagne and Knuble. They've been awesome.

And of course, Esche is an oak.

Philadelphia fans defined

We're so misunderstood. People in other parts of the country, and most recently Buffalo (since the Flyers are playing the Sabres), hate Philadelphia fans. They call us "Scumbags". They say we have no class.

I say, we have passion. We have a f@%$ing TON of passion. We hate the other team, the other team's fans, the other team's fans' kids, the other team's fans' pets... everyone and everything that has to do with the other team. When the Olympics were on, and the teams split up to go to their National teams, I hated everyone on the Flyers, even, who wasn't American, but only for those two weeks :) When it was Forsberg and Niitymaki in the final game of the Olympics, I had calmed down on my hatred a bit, but had no idea who to cheer for, since they're both great Flyers.

Flyers fans will throw beer, punches, kicks, bras, food, truckloads of profanities, and anything else they can get their hands on. They will get kicked out of the game. And they will love every minute of it. If you are cheering for the other team, you will have never experienced as much misery in your whole life than during those three hours. We'll try to fight the players on the other team (Picture Tie Domi in the penalty box). We'll cheer when they're injured. We'd give anything to see a fight.

But we love our teams. We love the Flyers. And they love us back. It's an "us against the world" mentality. We stick together through the thick and thin. If the team senses that the fans aren't cheering enough, they'll go knock someone's head off. If the fans aren't sensing that the team is giving it their all, we'll BOO the s@#% out of them. It's a two way deal. We're both crutches, carrying our crippled city's championship history to the goal. A championship in Philadelphia. With our help, and some sh%^ kicking, jaw gnashing, hatred of the other teams, we will make it.

So, other cities of the NHL, understand that when you think lowly of the fans of Philadelphia, and the team of Philadelphia... you only make us proud.

I've never seen The Empire Strikes Back

I just realized that this morning, after falling asleep really early yesterday and waking up at 4am today, I decided to watch "A New Hope" from like half way through, where I would get when I tried to watch it before falling asleep. So this morning, I finished watching IV, and decided to throw in V since I thought I haven't seen it in a while, let alone, ever. I started watching it, and realized that I have never seen it. I have only seen IV and VI. And everytime I want to watch one, it's usually Return of the Jedi since it's AWESOME. I got around 40 minutes into it before I had to get ready for work, but it's good like the other two :) Oh wait, there's like six of them now. I really don't count those new ones. I'll finish watching V tonight.

[Update] OK, so I've never seen the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. Like, the first 75% of it. I have seen Yoda in the swamp, the X-Wing in the mud... I do remember that stuff. Definitely not all of it though. I'd say I remember about 10% of that movie watching it now. I haven't finished it yet, I fell asleep before it finished again. I think Han Solo's ship was just getting off of that moon with the giant worm in the crater. After that I don't remember much before passing out.

Big Weekend!!!

NHL Playoffs!!!! Holy crap I'm excited. My defibrillator should be coming in the mail today, which I'll certainly need for those close games, up by 1 with a few minutes to play, or down by one, or overtime in Game 7, etc. NHL playoffs are the most exciting time EVER. And they happen nearly every year*.


*Not last year.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my Mom's birthday, and I got her something special, but don't tell her!! I was at the jewelry store, and upon checking out, the lady selling me the thing was like "Would you mind me asking how old you are?" I was like "*SHOCK* I don't like sharing my age!!!" Actually, I just told her "I'm three cubed." "27" Then she said "I was just wondering because my son is 22 and he doesn't get me S@#%@#!!! But I guess he's got a few more years to go." And I'm like "Well, maybe you aren't as good of a Mom as my Mom is!!! Take that B*@#$@!!!" And she's like "F@#%@! YOU LET'S STEP OUTSIDE F@#$%@#ER!!!" And I'm like "BRING IT!"

So, we went and fought, and she whooped my ass.

Update: My Mom didn't like what I got her. Well, actually, she liked it but she won't wear it. She is very ethnically aware, and ethnically "proud". Not in any way racist, but she won't wear an Italian trinket, which what I bought her turned out to be, when she doesn't have one ounce of Italian heritage. So I have to take it back and apologize to the lady and hope she will exchange it for another gift.

Update #2: I took back the thing and the same lady told me that it's not an Italian trinket, but would gladly exchange it with something since she thought that I let her whoop my ass yesterday, and came to terms with the fact that she wasn't a great mother. I comforted her and she cried for a little while. I got a small refund, since my Mom explicitly said she wanted hoop earrings with diamond-like things. Luckily, Mom doesn't mind cubic zerconia or whatever that word is. She'll like these new earrings.

Greatest Game of NHL 2k6 EVER!!

Yesterday, I had a half day because I had to be home for the cable guy to give us digital cable (which is pretty cool). I pulled into the local Wawa to get some lunch at like 1:50, just in time to get home and wait. Well, I start moving out of the parking lot, and sitting on the curb at the Wawa is Beaner. He said "My guitar's at your house." I drove him to our house, and his guitar was at our house. I thought he wanted to stop by and pick it up, and it was inside, but it turned out he went there first, waited for me to come home, couldn't get in the house, left his guitar out front, and went to Wawa. But, as I said before when my pillows got here, we live in a trustworthy neighborhood.

So, we sit there, eat our sandwiches and wait for the cable guy. After the cable was set up, we played "Monkey in the Middle" out front with our neighbor's six year old daughter. I won. ;-) After all that was over, Bean spoke words that he will regret forever. "Wanna play some hockey?"

This means, of course, NHL 2k6 on my PlayStation 2.

The first two games were pretty close. They were both tied going into the third period, where I would score one or two to secure the win. Then there was this thing on the NFL network, which we now get since we signed up for digital cable. It was hilarious. It was about the Vet (Veteran's Stadium in Philly, where the Eagles and Phillies used to play), about the 700 Level, fights, drinking, municipal court on location, etc. Hilarious. The next game, the infamous best game ever, was paused and waiting for the Eagles' show to be over, patiently awaiting the glory that was to come.

Los Angeles Kings (my team) vs. the Atlanta Thrashers. It starts out in my favor, 1-0 with a Jeremy Roenick goal. Bean ties it up shortly after. Then goes up 2-1. Then 3-1. Next, 4-1! Seeing a pattern? Bean's scoring tidal wave finally ends at 5-1. Each time he scored, past the 1-1 tie, I said "That's ok, I never lose." Every time. It was an opening for trash talk and bragging rights for the rest of the week :) If I lost, Bean wouldn't stop about it, and if I win, well, I would be posting it on my website :)

Third period, 5-1 Thrashers/Bean. 9 minutes to go. Something happens out front of Bean's net after I shoot the puck... the red light goes on. Bean put it in his net for me!! Thanks! 5-2. Another goal with 6 minutes to go. 5-3. Another one with 3 minutes, 5-4! Keep in mind, a 20 minute period is played over the real time of 5 minutes (for non mathematical wizards out there, 4 game minutes goes by in 1 real life minute). It's coming down to the wire. 3 minutes left, fighting off chances, pressure is building, two minutes left, getting some chances of my own, generally an all out brawl, Bean and I are as tense as can be, one minute left, Pavol Demitra gets the puck, moves in, shoots, the goalie goes down in the butterfly, it hits his pad, bounces once, twice, towards the net, and in as slow motion as you can possibly make something without stopping it, squirts across the goal line!!!! 46 seconds left, TIE GAME!!! The greatest comeback in HISTORY!!!

Overtime. Bean can't lose this game because, well, that would just blow. Five minutes into the 20 minute OT (we don't like shootouts), JR gets the puck again, fakes the shot, turns towards the boards, sees a cutting left winger and hits him in front of the net for the win. Bean loses. I rock.

Greatest game EVER! :P

Friday Update

Hey weekend dwellers! Time for the bi-century Friday update! This week, I started looking for a house, got pre-approved for a mortgage so they can know my range, and spent about 21 hours going through house listings, daydreaming about living there based off of 4 100x100 pixel images, allowing my imagination to run rampant. One house only had a 100x100 picture of the front, and in the back I imagined a giant waterslide and pool, and kind of a small theme park named Jasonland where you can buy cinnamon twists and ice cream, soda, beer, and tickets for the rides. I know when I see that house I'm going to be terribly disappointed.

There are a lot of nice houses for sale in my town. It should be fun.

I've gained a new nickname, but I'm not sure how I got it since I was RIPPED that night :) Rastaman J or something, since I have been known to lose myself to some reggae once in a while :) Plus they had this band there that did my favorite music styles... reggae and blues. Beer + favorite music + girls = @#$%@#$!#@!^#$%*%^$%^^#$%#$@#$@# WASTED DANCING FOOL!!! HAHA it's fun.

Nothing going on this weekend except more drinking, possibly some video games, and hopefully some celebrating Flyers' victories all weekend since they lost last night :(

My Dude in Oblivion

I've logged nearly 60 hours so far, and have strictly done the main quest in the last two days, so I'm a bit further in that. I'm gonna do the next step then do more stuff in the mages' and fighters' guilds. I also murdered someone so I can join that secret thing but I forget its name. Flyers play tonight so I won't have much time to devote to it, but any spare second I get, you can bet your butt that I'll be playing :)

I joined MySpace

After weeks of begging and pleading from friends, I finally joined MySpace. It was against my will. Anyway, if you feel like adding me, I'm at SixStringed. Mainly I'll be using it for linking to this page, and posting comments on friends' pages, but everything worthwhile will be on this page still, or finally, maybe. Shut up :P


When the day's not going great, or you're tired and you don't feel like expressing joy and adulation through yelling and dancing around, you can say "At least it's Friday". Soon, there may be reason to jump around, but you aren't really looking forward to it because it would take you more energy than you're willing to spare to even get your heartrate up to a point of excitement, even to relieve the dullness of the day, as it's going so far. Something may happen, though, to turn that ALI into TGI, hopefully before the F turns to an S, and, for the love of all that is good, before you encounter an M, specifically the FIMA (F@#%@ it's Monday already), also known as HSIOM (Holy s@#% it's only Monday), when another long week begins.

Other than that I feel great :)

I'm not a vampire!!

Don't read this if you want to play Elder Scrolls IV and not know anything about it going into it, or unless you've already been a vampire in real life or in the game :) And if that ruined part of the game for you, I'm sorry :( But says in your stats, before you learn about Vampirism, "Days as a Vampire : 0"... So, it's not my fault

This wasn't made public yet, but I was a vampire for 15 days!! In Elder Scrolls IV, that is!


I didn't want to jump ahead in the actual plot of the game (actually, I'm stuck in that part, but that's fine, there's so much more to do and no rush to do anything!). I joined the Fighter's Guild first and was doing lots of missions with them. I've made quite a bit of gold (which I actually have a physical piece of since I bought the collector's edition of the game) doing that and leveled up a bit in physical combat related areas (Swords, Heavy Armor, Speed, Agility, Endurance). However, I'm of the race "Red Guard", so I start out adept in some magic and some combat. So, instead of continuing on the Fighter's Guild path, I joined the Mage's Guild! During one of the missions to acquire recommendations from heads of the Mage's Guild in each city, I had to go into this catacomb and find a certain type of stone. There were vampires in there, and I eventually caught the "poryphyric hemophilia" disease, because there was a sexy vampire in there and it's like medieval times, there are no contraceptives. I kid, you combat a vampire and you can catch the disease. However, stupid me thought nothing of it after two days and no symptoms. I forgot I had it! (A day in game is a few hours, but you can skip over most of it by sleeping or waiting, or fast-traveling far without a horse). Then, I wake up one day, and I get this message, saying something about a dream, then at the top I notice all these attributes and skills being added: "Vampirism Added", "Lure of the Vampire Added", etc. It wasn't long after I realized that the disease I contracted turns you into a vampire after three days! That SUCKED. It was fine at first, but when you're a vampire for two days, you get hurt in the sun. And in three days, you can hardly get from door to door, running as fast as you can, without dying. The longer you go without feeding on someone's blood, the more kickass you become. You get your stats up to like a bazillion. I was whooping monsters' asses. But, you can't do anything! I had to find a cure. Luckily, the guy at the Arcane Academy told me where I can find one. This old witch up in the hills along the river. She needed some stuff before she was willing to give me a cure though. So, I got them for her. Next, she didn't have ANY of the ingredients for the cure... WTF b@#%@!! You say you can make it, why don't you have the ingredients?!?! It only took me a day to get the ingredients, though, lucky for her.

This was weird though, presumably a bug in the game. After I got the last ingredient, which happened to be ashes from this "powerful" Vampire that I completely OWNED. He was trying to PUNCH me and I was already at level 12 since I had gone through a bunch of the Fighter's Guild missions, and I had this awesome sword and a Lightning enchanted Wizard staff. The dude didn't stand a chance. But anyway, I went back to her to give her the last ingredient, and she wanted to whoop my ass!! She is powerful, too, summoning ghosts and skeleton archers on me, shooting me with magic to drain some stuff. I'm like WTF I just want to give you the last ingredient! Fortunately, there's a way to "yield" to someone, like an ally if you accidentally swiped a sword half way through their skull, by holding up your block (right click) and pressing the action key. The thing at the top would say "Whatsherface accepts your yield." But, then she'd apply Chameleon (I can't see her unless I look close for her), shoot me up with spells again, and summon more ghosts!! I got around it by yielding and clicking to talk to her real quick. After she gave me the potion to cure Vampirism, she still wanted to kick my ass, so I just ran out, got on my horse and got the f@#%@# out of there!

That was fun. Sorry to bore everyone but the game ROCKS.

This is ridiculous

A few days ago I ordered 4 pillows from When they shipped, I noticed right away that they shipped in 4 different packages. I immediately became suspicious, and couldn't wait to see what these things looked like. That's my Amazon Prime hard at work ($79 a year for free two day delivery on unlimited packages).

So, today they get here. Indeed, they're in 4 different packages. And they're HUGE boxes! I'm like "Holy s@#%, what did I get myself into?!?" I pictured getting rid of my bed and using just the pillows at this point; the boxes are literally that big. Hardly containing my cool, I tear into the first one. This is ridiculous. About a half a box of AIR WRAPPING and a normal sized pillow underneath. I was thrilled that my pillows didn't break during the shipping process, and I have and their air wrapping to thank for that.

I ordered four because originally I ordered three but could only get pillowcases in sets of two. They really f@#%@ed me over on that one. It's like hot dog buns and hot dogs. Twelve dogs and eight buns (or is it twelve buns and eight dogs???) Brutal. However, my original choice (guess) at pillows were backordered so I ordered a different brand, and this time four, because I wouldn't have the slightest clue what to do with an extra pillowcase. Maybe make a shirt out of it? I don't know. Probably give it to good will.

My brother gets home before me, so he checks the mail, and outside (we live in a trustworthy neighborhood) are these four gigantic boxes. He's like "What did this kid get this time?!?" So, he figures he better get them in. Assuming they'll be heavy, judging from the size, he gets ready for the strain. He bent over, grabbed a hold, and took one last breath before really putting all his might into lifting up these packages. I'm happy to report we didn't have to retrieve them from the roof today :)

Moral of the story: Packing guys really do care if your stuff gets to you in one piece.

Addicted to Crack

Not really but close. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has me hooked, it's a wonder two years haven't gone by already. I can write up a huge description of it, but just go visit my Google Pages page instead!! There, you will find nothing related to Oblivion. The end.