It's ashame they banned smoking

In Philadelphia bars I mean. Last night, we went to an undisclosed location somewhere in Philly, near where I work, and obviously, you couldn't smoke in there. I don't have a problem with it except for this: You never used to be able to smell a fart in a bar. Last night, someone had something wrong with their gastrointestinal tract or something, and they were at the table next to us. It STUNK. Before, I'd just light up a smoke and all would be forgotten, but there, there was nothing to hide the stench, and you just had to f@#%@ing inhale it. I asked someone we were with "Would you rather smell ASS or SMOKE?" And she answered smoke, and her being a non-smoker, that pretty much answers that question for all non-smokers to me. So, way to go Philly lawmakers. Now we have to smell ASS all day.

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