Photo Booth Fun!!

If you don't have a MacBook (or a Pro version), you're missing out on tons of fun. Even if you don't do this after the first week. Check it out.

I'll probably stop in a few days, but I've never laughed so hard from software included with a computer before, ever. Ever. (Not even from laughing at the software, which I often do when I install Windows :P )

Also, here's another screenshot. I connect to my Mac from Linux. I have "Gimp" installed on Linux, and it's a killer photo editing app (much like Photoshop but free-er). I use iPhoto on the Mac also, which is great for batch-resizing, organizing, importing, etc. But if I need to do advanced stuff like what I haven't figured out how to do in iPhoto yet, there's always the Linux backup :)

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