MacBook Pro update

My Mac has arrived at Anchorage, Alaska, after a long voyage from Shanghai, China. Soon, it will be in the actual USA. Yes, Alaska is more of a state than Connecticut, but it's not considered part of the "Continental" United States. So therefore, it's worthless to me. And I don't even like crab that much. Actually, I sorta consider it part of the "Continental" USA because it's on the same land mass. Not like that other place with all the surfers, and pretty soon, judging from a recent science show I watched, not that other state with a lot of surfers and the govenator. That would be funny, because Apple is located in that other state. I'm probably offending everyone, but we all know that PA is the best state, because it's the only one. The only real one ;-)

Of course, it could be argued that your "State" is "decent" if the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States both originated there. I mean, talk about monumental documents that define a state.

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