I forget US postal abbreviations sometimes

I got an email today that my MacBook Pro had shipped. I took a brief glance at it and got the impression that it had shipped from either "Canada" or "Connecticut", so it shouldn't be too long. Later in the day I wanted to get a better idea of when I can expect it, since I'll be either taking off of work early or getting in late. I look again without reading the name of the city that it shipped from, but I do notice that the last entry in the ship-log was one 11/06/06 at 10:25 pm. It then hit me that today was 11/06 and it was not yet 10:25 pm. It was almost noon. So I look again at where it shipped from... f@#%@ing Shanghai, CHINA. "CN" was used, and I later remembered that Connecticut, as insignificant as it is (I mean, cripes, they don't even have an Apple warehouse!! They might as well not even exist), has never gone by "CN", but "CT". I knew that, but assumption and lack of coffee/brains made me think it was shipping from this continent, so I just threw Connecticut in my brain and left it at that. But I'm positive it'll be here by the 8th or 9th. I had a slight panic attack because if it had shipped from Connecticut, I have a deadline tomorrow, and I wouldn't have been able to be home for the delivery. Anyway, I'll keep making posts about its progress around the world.

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