On guns

Going on facebook or something after a tragedy like what happened in Florida, it's such a waste of time. You really see the worst of both sides. I'm not for or against guns, I see the argument on both sides (I recently did a personality test and I'm firmly INTP which is nicknamed "Logician". I think and perceive and I don't let emotions really lead to decisions I make.  So I'm also not very opinionated.)

My thoughts are, there has always been crazy, there hasn't always been guns. In order for someone to kill 17 people before guns, before assault rifles or high capacity magazines, they'd have to either be a serial killer or in some kind of armed forces, a king. Or the leader of a cult. I'm simplifying. Basically, a single person couldn't weild something that gave them so much power that they didn't spend years trying to earn. This gives so much power to anyone who manages to stay sane for a little while to pass background checks, saves up a couple hundred bucks, and buys a gun. This is a desire for power with the classic means to gain it largely nerfed.

That's all.