Finding a Childhood Gem

Searching for an old book I had loved as a kid, of course a mainstay in the book industry would lead me to it. And my faith is restored in my internet sleuthing skills.

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This is a post from my ipod touch it has 16 GB of space and about 9 used up. The iTunes wifi music store is sweet. Enjoy your non iPod touches, suckers!!! I also got Stephen Colbert's book. Should be awesome


Read Phaedo which is part of Plato's Complete Works. It's amazing. Socrates is in a jail cell waiting to die, explaining to these two well-minded blokes that he is not afraid to die because the soul of the Philosopher is sound and will be accepted by the gods. It raises a lot of questions for you, which Plato answers later on, and basically proves the existence of a soul in a way that does not rely on faith, but on logic (which is why Philosophy rules). Socrates and his company cover all of the angles. Plato is my favorite to read for fun.