I did a math joke today

Significant digits are hilarious

My friend calls having a million dollars "being in the two comma club". I recently saw that my cash reserve account in Betterment was getting $0.68 interest on a measely $200 or so. Which isn't bad really. It advertises at over 4% and the math checks out, since that'll be around $8 a year on $200.

So, I moved some more money in there, $1000, to make it 6x more than what was in there. I told him I did that and that I'll be joining the 2 comma club soon. He said "I think that's how math works", knowing I was just joking. Being more realistic, I followed up with this banger: "I'll be joining the 'most significant digits on the left side of the period' club". Brilliant joke :D

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