Investing Experiment - August 2021

August update for the cash building Webull experiment. CBIO! ATOS is dead, Jim.

Not much happened in August. ATOS is dead so I've hardly sold any calls on my 520 shares.

CBIO has picked up some slack and I was able to sell 2 calls expiring on August 20 for $5 a piece. And after that sold another single call for $10 expiring September 17. Both at the $7.50 strike, decenly above my average of $5.90.

Also I've collected some interest from lending my shares out to short sellers, a Webull thing. I'd definitely be raking it in if Robinhood offered the same thing :)  Not much, like $2 or so. Still, building cash!

Where We Stand

Nothing is different on the account :P

Cash Balance: $36.50

But I have a new experiment! I'll be posting about it soon.

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