Investment Experiment - Week of May 3

No updates this week in my investment experiment. Waiting for MVIS to crash or ATOS to moon. Friday update: ATOS is mooning.

Not much to report this week so far. MVIS was crashing and I was hoping to see my $6 strike put go profitable but it went up a little today (May 4).

VTGN has been doing well and it seems to be holding the line at $2.50+ which is good since I average $2.22. ETTX had a bump for a little while today but it's back down to sub $2 level. CBIO isn't doing well, still waiting on that to have option interest.

ATOS is hovering around my $2.50 May 21 call sale. I do have a $1 call in July which is doing well. But I'm sweating! It's down in the $2.25 range now so I'm ok for a bit, maybe.

Where We Stand

Waiting for MVIS to crash or for ATOS to boom. May 21 is the expiration on my calls. Or if UAVS goes 10+ and I get assigned, then I'll have an update.

Cash Balance $0.78

Update 5/5/2021

ATOS jumped over $2.50 so I was able to sell a $3.50 call for $50.  The $2.50 call sits at $60 as I type this, but I'm hoping it dips back down to 2.20s so I can buy back the 2.5 call.

My cash balance is now $50.68 but I only intend to buy back my call. I put a limit of $40 so I'll try to make $10 in the process, and keep my ATOS shares secure. Man I'd hate to lose any of them!

Cash Balance: $50.68

I need ATOS to dip please :)

Update 5/7/2021

ATOS didn't dip. It finished the week at $2.74. Luckily it's dropping after hours. As it went up I sold some more calls because they were getting expensive! I have 420 shares and all but 20 are now covered with calls.  I sold a $3.50, a $5 and a $6. The idea was that I will need to buy back my $2.50 call, so hopefully it dips a little. It's down after hours.

I brought in $50 for the $3.50 call, $35 for the $5 call and $27 for the $6 call. I also have my $1 July call which is skyrocketing.

I can cover the $2.5 call with my $1 call if I have to. I can wait and see where everything is on May 21. I may lose all of my shares except for 20!  But I would make out pretty well. I'd end up with $1700 but obviously I want those shares instead if it's going to go over $6! Since I'm in at $2.53 average with 420 shares.

Cash Balance: $112.48

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