Node.js Keeps Me Sane

Scenario:  We're rewriting the code for a site but it's pretty much using the same javascript and css currently. So I have a copy of the old version running and a copy of the new version. And something is not perfect in the new site. A Javascript problem.  To eliminate differences in javascript as a cause of the problem, here's what I did:

var http = require("http"), fs = require("fs"), SyncArray = require("syncarray").SyncArray, fshelp = require("filesystem"); require("strings"); var web1 = "http://localhost/"; var web2 = ""; var name1 = "new"; var name2 = "old"; function processRequest(baseUrl, url, name, baseDir, finished){ fshelp.ensureFolder(baseDir, function(){ http.get(baseUrl + url, function(resp){ var file = url.lastIndexOf("/") == url.length - 1 ? "_index.html" : url.substring(url.lastIndexOf("/")); resp.setEncoding("utf8"); var data = ""; resp.on("data", function(d){ data += d; }); resp.on("end", function(){ fs.writeFile(baseDir + "\\" + file, data, "utf8", function(err){ if (err) console.log("error encountered writing file - " + JSON.stringify(err)); var files = findUrls(data); console.log(files.length); var sync = new SyncArray(files); sync.forEach(function(f, i, arr, finishedOne){ console.log("processing " + f); processRequest(baseUrl, f, name, baseDir, function(){ finishedOne(); }); }, function(){ finished(); }) }); }); }); }); } function findUrls(content){ var files = []; var reg = /(src|href)=["|']([a-zA-Z0-9\._\-\/]*?)["|']/g; var m = null; while ((m = reg.exec(content)) != null){ if (m[2].trim().length > 0 && m[2].indexOf(".js") != -1){ files.push(m[2]); } } return files; } processRequest(web1, "", name1, "c:\\webs\\" + name1, function(){ console.log("Done " + web1); }); processRequest(web2, "", name2, "c:\\webs\\" + name2, function(){ console.log("Done " + web2); });

After that was complete, I then used WinMerge.  It would find all javascript files in the html of the home page (what we were having trouble with), and save them all to a folder.  It turned out they were identical. But part of narrowing in on the problem is eliminating other possible causes. And I found the problem in the HTML, in where some JS files were being included. Some in head, some below.  Putting them all below fixed everything.

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