Upgrade to Node.js 0.10.10!

I know the previous post was my upgrade to 0.10.9.  But then I started getting an EventEmitter error on Stream end.  So I downgraded to 0.8.23 in the meantime, until it was fixed. But then I kept reading, and found out it was fixed in 0.10.10.  So I did the git checkout v0.10.10 and make && make install && restart node webserver.  After this, it was still getting the error but it wasn't crashing node.js. At this time I saw my error logs flood with file not found (404) errors, and the node.js process was at a consistent 65%.  So, I figured it was working and I'll check again when I got home.  I'm happy to report, it was just a DDOS attack or something, and the CPU is back down to 2% for Node.js like it should be.

Close call.
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