My Fantasy Football Draft

I participated in my first "live" draft last night. The first "live" one because the first one I did was over the internet. This one was at Stork's house and 14 of us piled in to take part in the madness. They had a draft board, all the players on sheets by position, each on a sticker to put on the draft board, all color coded. The four Connell brothers in the draft all ended up in the same conference, which ended up being called (by my suggestion) the CFC. It was originally AFC and NFC, so now it's AFC and CFC. After about four and a half hours of sweating, smoking, and waiting, here is what my initial lineup looks like:

1. Shaun Alexander - RB
2. Chad Johnson - WR
3. Philip Rivers - QB
4. Tony Gonzalez - TE
5. Eagles Defense

After the first five picks, not a ton of notables were left, so here's the remaining 11, in no particular order.

Jeff Garcia - QB obviously
Cadillac Williams - RB
DeShaun Foster - RB
Santana Moss - WR
Muhsin Muhammad - WR
Marty Booker - WR
Jacoby Jones - WR
Owen Daniels - TE
Matt Stover - K
John Kasay - K
Buccaneers Defense

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