Buying movies on iTunes

I have to be careful. Luckily there's not a million movies that I haven't seen, or don't already have, that are on iTunes movie store. There's not a huge quality selection of movies either. But I did buy one today. "The Sum of All Fears". I am currently pondering whether to buy another one, "The Prestige". Earlier this week, I bought two "Multi-Passes", for "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report". Of course, this week they were both off, but luckily I got the episodes from Thursday of the week before. This week, the 15 episodes that the multipasses bought me will begin. I also bought an hour special by Dave Chappelle, entitled "For What It's Worth". The literature on it says "one of comedy?s hottest stars, takes his trademark humor before a live audience with a new, uncensored, no-holds barred comedy special." It's hilarious. I've watched it twice.

Any reserve that I previously had to buying movies on iTunes has been taken away because Apple is releasing the Apple TV this month. Not like I'll get it right now, but if I find that I want to watch them on the TV downstairs, I have a way. It'll just cost me $300 more. So I am more open to that option. I don't want to have to spend $300 more, so only in the direst of circumstances will I consider it. But I have to be careful not to just buy movies for the sake of buying them, because they are then locked into this house, or wherever my MacBook Pro and Apple TV happen to be.

Speaking of money, that reminds me, I have to finish the changes to my client's website... tomorrow is a good a day as any to do that. I think I'll buy "The Prestige", pour myself some ice water, and take a nap. Then watch "O Brother, Where Art Thou", which happens to be the DVD in my drive :D F#$%ing incredible movie. Night.

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