Holy Hell

Went to dinner, for Tom's birthday, with the gang last night, then over to Casey's which is 3 blocks away from my house, basically an open invitation to get obliterated. I'm disappointed with myself, because on the walk home, I was still able to stay on the left sidewalk with no problems, and I made it home without once passing out for an hour in someone's driveway.

Gia probably has a million photos from the night, I'll try to snag some. She can keep the ones with the ass (me dancing or whatever) and with the ass!! This girl was sitting at the bar on the enclosed porch, had the whole inside bar as her audience, and her shirt and pants went into such a configuration that half of her ass was sticking out. We probably should have told her, but looking back, who got hurt here? Nobody.

I was overly stuffed the whole damn night from our dinner at JB Dawson's. Holy crap that was a lot of f@#%^ing food. That's the worst. It's not bad usually, when you can just lay back and watch the Phillies on an overly full stomach, but when you have to walk around, dance, talk to people, come up with funny things, etc, and pile a lot of beer on top of all that sh@#%, then it becomes a bit of a chore. It was delicious though.

Highlights from the night:
Gia and Michelle dancing with me was fun, and made me look like I was a stud. I don't have to worry about people thinking that I don't know what I'm doing, dancing-wise, because I rock the mother f23%#ing casba at that. But to make them think I'm a stud is something I'll gladly do.

Tom's new picture on myspace. Myspace stalking. Thankfully, NOT leaving messages on myspace last night.

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