Deprived of the Simple Pleasures

Entering the software development work force, you have some expectations. Money, a cubicle all to yourself, your own computer in your cube, some stationery, a phone, a shelf or some desk drawers... all of which I pretty much got with all my jobs so far... well, the one I had to sit at a fold out table outside a cube farm, but that was it (Don't believe me? I have proof). At every job I had, except that same one where I sat at a table, people had nameplates on the outside of their cubes. I was never offered one. But today, I bring you good news.

Hidden deep inside my work's package of a bazillion papers that I have to fill out in order to work here is a "Nameplate Requisition Form". w00t!

Nameplate Requisition Form
Your name how you would like it to appear:
_____Wootzor von Leetenhax0r_____
Do you work in a cubicle or an office?

I've been deprived for all these years of something that everyone gets, of course I'm gonna be all immature about it... Michael Jackson went through the same thing.

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