Latest Game Status Update

I do this every time. I get so close to finishing something, then I decide that I must add something that I find to be a common thing, so that I never have to do it again, for any project in the future. And of course, it must be flexible, customizable, etc, and above all, it must work.

The latest thing is a filter, or an automated filter system. For instance, I have news on this site. News has a date, the title, the text, and some categories. So basically, I want to create a filter system that will have some control for each of these fields, a user can type "I am hot" in the description field, and it'll find all the news with that in the description. It's a search, basically, but a search only has a text field, therefore it's more of a filter. One thing is they'll be able to say "Find all the news in this category with this in the description"... or "Find the news within 5 days of this day and in this category".

So, I have to finish that now before I'll be able to work further on the game.

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