Round 2

Ahh, March Madness. I entered a tournament over at the local sports radio station (perhaps you've heard of it)... 1700+ people. It's round two. I'm in 16th place. Really it's like I'm in 4th, because of the grouping. (Drexel Hill Voodoo REPRESENT!!)

The rules are as follows: 1st round, 4 points each game. 2nd round, 2 points each. I think the rest are 2 except for the final game. That sucks too because that one team (The Minutemen) went 16/16! They'd be up there but, instead they're tied with me. First place gets $3000.

This bracket started Thursday at noon, you had to have your picks in by then or you weren't playing. I signed up for the site at 11:53 PM that day, then noticed a clock ticking down. It had 3 minutes left. It was the time you had to have half of your first round picks in! I panicked. But I got them in and went 25/32 in the first round. Fun stuff.

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