Doubling Guitars

I have 2 guitars. I want to get another one. An acoustic electric. However, Sam Ash makes it impossible for me to get just one more. Every week, I get an email from them saying "Get a free guitar with a purchase of $399 or more!!" They're all very attractive guitars that they're giving away. It's very hard to resist temptations of this level. But, I missed the free one I really wanted. See, every week they offer a new free acoustic. Two weeks ago, it was a 12 string acoustic. I'd love one of those. But this week, it's an equally attractive looking Carlo Robelli thin body acoustic/electric. The guitar I really want is a Fender J5 acoustic/electric. I'll get a few things with it, and throw it on my 6 months same as cash Sam Ash card, therefore convincing myself that I didn't spend any money, and get all this stuff. I hope I get the new card in the mail soon, so I don't miss out on this guitar deal. Here are the two guitars I'll get:

Fender J5
Free guitar

(Might as well throw in one of these)

Originally, I thought it was simply an acoustic, but it turns out they're giving away a free acoustic/electric?!?!!? Where the f#@%@#$@#! do I sign up?!!?

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