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Money is incendiary. That s@$%@# burns right through anything I put it in. Has my whole life. Not like I spend it all, but when I get money, I have to buy SOMETHING. Well, not all the time. Like, now I'm trying to save. Thanks a lot

I head there today, and there's a "4 for 3" deal, buy 3 books, get one free. Well, if that's just about as ignorable as a punch in the face. I have to buy books now. I need KNOWLEDGE!!! Bad timing on their part. I just placed an order yesterday, but not for books! Sweet! I've always been great at justifying purchases.

But, yesterday I ordered 2 movies and the 2nd season of the X-Files. The first one was outstanding, I recommend it to anyone. Oh, and I ordered a video game (Lumines for PSP). There's nothing like feeding your addictions with a few clicks. Ask the mice who repeatedly press a button that injects them with cocaine. I saw it once on Discovery.

So, today I'll place another order. Good thing I signed up for Amazon Prime all those weeks ago. Now I can get free 2nd day delivery, so it doesn't matter. I can place order after order after order... after order. And they have to ship them for free, since I paid that $79 for the year. They lose out on that one.

I'm getting to a point where I don't have to have a video game within 4 nanoseconds of the exact nanosecond that it is released. So I'll probably order more games online that will be coming out soon. Of course, those game makers should just be selling their games online so I can download them... but, that might take just as long as ordering online and getting free second day shipping.

[Update] Bleh, just found out that no books that I want for knowledge can be classified under any of the following (the only books under their 4 for 3 deal):
* General Fiction
* Mystery
* Romance
* Science Fiction & Fantasy
* Baby Books
* Kids: Ages 4-8
* Kids: Ages 9-12
* Teens

What a bummer. What, "Game Programming" isn't generally accepted as a "Kids: Ages 4-8" book? I guess I should stop trying to teach it to my 6 year old niece :) Although, they should really fall under "mystery", since I'm buying them because I don't have a f#@#@$ing clue about the subject matter... because if I already knew, then I wouldn't be buying it!

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