Zatko and I played CIV 4 online last night. Thanks, Mike, for getting me addicted again. I'd have to say that most of that game's addictiveness comes in its absolute mystery. I have no idea what I'm doing. Like, no idea. But, Mike and I were playing, and I jump out to a lead and pretty much hold it for the next 5000 years. Yes, 5000 years. Then Mike jumps in front, then it's just me and him, battling it out over a few hundred years... actually, we were friends, basically giving each other technologies. Then, all the sudden, he starts crying from half way around the world: "Yo, I need help." He's at war with the blasted Mongols. Those blasted Mongols. I'm like "Dude, I can't get there, George Washington won't let me through his crappy land." Then, the only part of Russia that was left was a quaint little town known as "Zatkonia". Or, at least that was the only one I could see, due to my lack of exploring. Whereas Germany was thriving! Really. I still have no idea how to play that game, but as long as you don't piss anyone off too bad, and give them stuff when they're angry at you. This way, you won't get into a fight, and you won't have 2 cities left and have to ask your pacifist pal Germany to travel half way around the world to save you... I had no boats.

Tune in next week for more tales of addiction and cluelessness.

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