Boneheads of the Day

Disappointing night overall. On the Flyers' end, one player spoiled the game. On the Eagles, it was a bunch of people, including one head coach.

The Flyers were looking good. Peter Forsberg had an excellent game, scoring two goals. Everyone played well. I look in awe at the performance of most of our defensemen... Joni Pitkanen, Kim Johnsson, even sometimes Mike Rathje and Derien Hatcher. Desjardins is always a solid D-man. The one left is the guy the Flyers have to get rid of. Chris Therien. He made two big mistakes that led to goals, and at least one other mistake that almost led to a goal. He singlehandedly cost the Flyers the game. I don't care what they tell you, it was Therien's fault. He stinks.

The Eagles. Oh boy, the Eagles. In my last post, I said Donovan was the key to the Eagles. If he plays good, the team does well, and also true on the reverse side. However, when he makes stupid mistakes, he can turn the other team's misfortunes into fortunes. He played well for about 56 minutes tonight. Not extremely well, but well enough to score 20 points, and the defense played well enough to only allow 7. Then things changed. Andy Reid makes stupid play calls, like when we're in the lead with 3 minutes left, to go long on a pass play. Reggie Brown, the aspiring rookie, misses a few HUGE passes, which would have meant that Akers wouldn't have had to try a 60 yard field goal attempt with a semi-100% hamstring and the unpredictable winds of Lincoln Financial Field. Donovan still tries to run a shovel pass even though he could hear the inside linebacker yell "Watch the shovel!!" We should have turned all of our field goals into touchdowns, and put this game out of reach for the Cowgirls by the start of the 4th quarter. That's not what went down though.

It sucks when two of your teams lose in the same night. But what's worse is not when the team plays bad, but when you can pinpoint one awful performance that might have cost the game.

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