Busy Night for Philly Sports

The Flyers play the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Eagles play the DallasSUCKS Cowboys. Should be a night to remember.

Quick comments on both teams. I love watching the Flyers. Peter Forsberg (or, as I call him, just "Pete") is incredible. He makes plays and I yell out "HOLY F@#%#@" or "J@ES#@ F#@%@# CH5#@%@!!" or just simply "WOAH!" All of this year's Flyers are exciting to watch because of the new rules, and having won the last 6 games makes it pretty cool too. Let's get "Flyer'ed Up!!". The Fly-guys will make a good showing this season. Go FLYERS!!

The Eagles are pretty bad this year. Donovan's hurt, but he insists on not using it as an excuse. I say, fine, I won't say you're hurt, just that you stink!! Make passes! Don't make stupid plays (like, faking a spike with no timeouts left, only to have the receiver that you want to pass to not be on the same page as you... pretty stupid...), and complete your passes!! Don't throw them at the f#@%#@$@#!ing ground!! Brunell of the Redskins looks unbelievable right now, especially compared to Donovan. They have to keep the defense off the field longer so they are rested, instead of going three and out for the first half of the game. Right now I'm not expecting good, but if they do good, then I'll be happy. The defense hasn't been getting pressure on the QB, so that's something to look out for as well. We're the F#@%!@$!#ing EAGLES, we should kick everyone's ass... but, right now, things just aren't going our way! Of course, T.O. won't be a factor tonight (either having him or not having him... T.O. was never a factor... now that we stink, and we've had T.O. all season, you look at something else that might be THE factor. And that's #5).


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