New Phrase Sweeping the Nation

I never consider myself to be creative. But, sometimes I come up with stuff that I've never heard before. This doesn't mean that they haven't been said before, just that I've never heard them. Perhaps because of my stubborn tastes in music and movies, and my utter hatred for television. Sometimes, I manage to be creative. I came up with this:

"There like a dragon."

Get it?! A dragon lives in a lair! It's awesome. So, now when someone asks you, "Yo, we're going to the Flyers game tomorrow, and we have an extra ticket... wanna come?" You can say "I'm there like a dragon © 2005 Jason Connell". Of course, when I say it, I don't have to have the copyright stuff in there, so it will be cooler than when you say it. I can't help that.

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