I lost the bet

The Phillies finished their season the other night. The Cubs let us down, but took 2 from the Astros, giving us something to hope for in those final two games. The Astros took the last two, but we weren't out of it until they won the last one. We won the last 4 games just like we needed. Looking back, they lost a lot of unnecessary games in the season, hopefully next season is a different story. They need to win the close ones, and their bullpen can't suck the big one like they have.

Charlie Manuel was on Comcast Sportsnet last night. My brother and I watched with amazement as he actually seemed to answer questions without fumbling with his words. He's a good guy, maybe not the best manager, or so it seems. He made a joke when asked what he's going to do with Ryan Howard, the Phillies' possible rookie of the year. He was suggesting that they will find a spot for him, then he said "Ryan's left handed, he might be the first left handed catcher." It was funny. He seemed a lot better than normal, dressed in a suit, seeming a lot smarter, although, you can tell a lot of different thoughts cross his mind when he's answering a question, so he gets off to a shaky start when answering. He says stuff like "Well, yes, you know, umm, blah blah, sure", then finally starts talking. He didn't need a translator.

I owe $10, but Dan said he'd go double or nothing with me later. Great. Just what I need, to be in the hole $20. We might end up at the airport betting on arrivals, like in the Seinfeld I watched last night.

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