New Internet Identity Soon

Now that I have the gmail accounts and domain names all registered, I can start to share them. I'm going to have some logos and images designed so I can be cooler. The names and email addresses are : (drum roll)

Caffeine Fueled
Digital Tattoo
Email Caffeine Fueled
Email Digital Tattoo

Being a non-schizophrenic and also not having all the time in the world, I will pretty much only be using one domain and email, and that will be caffeine fueled, since I am caffeine fueled. The other one was just too cool of a domain name to pass up. I had to get it, Mom, I had to. How cool is a "digital tattoo"?! I can't even grasp the concept. Of course, in that analogy I say a domain name is a digital tattoo.

So, if I get offers for the domain name, I'd consider selling it. It could be a good name for a graphics design company, or software, probably anything in computers. If that's the case, I can't hold back the dreams of an entrepreneur, and will practically give it away. I don't do this for money, do you see ads on here? :-P

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