This isn't a blog

I don't like blogs, so I'm not going to call this a blog. It's partly to do with the word "blog"... it's a buzzword almost. Everyone's doing it. I've always tried to stay away from stuff that the masses are doing (except that one time in sixth grade when I had to get Reebok Pump sneakers). Look at the big picture of this. When you say "blog" you encapsulate EVERY site out there that has one to a few people's thoughts written in a format that always looks the same. Even down to the font. Of course, there are a lot of thoughts out there, but I'd rather read humorful ones... ones that are like mine, ones that smell nice, ones that talk about Philly sports and guitar and programming... this site isn't another blog. It's a personal site, but not a blog. There's more than a "log". This news part might be called a blog, since it is blog-like. I tend to look at things in terms of technology. In that way, there's no way that the whole site is a blog, blogs don't have s!@#! :) I put too much into the technology behind this site to just have it classified with around a billion other sites :) Now I know how people feel when they are stereotyped. I don't want my little site to be stereotyped!

Ok, I've vented. Thanks for listening. It's not a blog.

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