This is a blog?

I never really refered to this site as a blog. I developed the first version way back in early 2001, even late 2000. I'm not sure when "blog" (short and mangled form of "Web Log") was originally coined, but I only started hearing the term last year. I guess this is a blog though. There are some "blogging technology" that it's missing, but I have more stuff than your average blog... downloads and photos being the major things. I could make it look more like a blog, but there's more to it. Most blogs usually blog about something specific. I've seen ones that are political blogs, music blogs, news blogs, techno blogs, etc. I lack the interest and expertise in any one specific topic to dedicate my blogging to just one topic. The approach I take is just talk about a ton of stuff, let the 1 to 2 people a day read it and criticize it, and post some music and photo albums. My website also lacks a cool (or weird) name. I've got some ideas floating around up there, but they are all based off of Cracker songs or are corny. Yes, corny. Or they are too topic specific. Like if I called my site "Philly Web Hacker", then people would come on here expecting to read about web hacking or something. So the name can't be a noun. Nouns are bad. So I need a good verb or adverb, maybe even an adjective, or a conjunction, or possibly a pronoun. e.g. is a good one, but it's probably taken. Post your ideas...

[Update] On the topic of a new name, I think I have one. Tonight when I get home, I'm going to write it down on a piece of paper and stare at it for a few hours. That's how I always decide on something. A domain name is like a digital tattoo. You always have to make sure it's what you really want, it will be your mark on the giant body known as the web, but unlike a real tattoo, you can just let it expire.

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