Comment On My Pictures

I just added comments to pictures, so now you can comment and tell me what a good looking guy I am. Or the opposite. But I will warn you: if you call me a good looking girl, I'll probably get upset. The photo albums now take a nanosecond longer to load. I have to figure out how to do it without making trips to the database. I can do it but it won't be backwards compatibleable, if you can read that word. I made it up kinda. The earlier stuff I made don't have what I call a "Count Property". The news has a comments "List Property" but no comments "Count Property". I can just add them in there, but it's a few hour project to take out all of the extra code that I wrote very foolishly when I could have just done it the way I'm thinking and make it really fast. Damn I am smart and yet stupid.

Other updates include some bug fixes, a new control to format text, some new bugs, and the content management system is up here but I won't be creating content with it until the menuable objects thing is done. I'd rather do a little work now rather than a lot of work for the remainder of the life of this site :) Someone once said that the lazy programmer is the smart programmer. I'm not so lazy but I make up for it with my smartness :-D I'm kidding... but I think the smart programmer tends to think of ways they can be lazy, so I think the other way around. Anyway, I could make a whole news section on the philosophy of the non-industrious ultra brain-powered software developer, but I won't.

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